Tuesday, June 20, 2017

we are trained to view monsters very specifically-
a Nazi in a room -the war over - looking at photos of those in prison camps - enjoying -relieving the act.
or something to that effect.
we are never shown how very little anyone cared about the work a day of it
not often
except when film after film is produced that defines Evil - as THIS IS WHAT WAS and NEVER AGAIN..


I cannot even watch a Holocaust movie
I think of them as propaganda
I know most of those in the industry of film and finance are well aware (jew ,gentile whomever) of very bizarre Human Ecology "work" going on right here ,Right Now..
and how useful a "Tree Ring" that provides Timeline
also can be used in very dangerous ways
For if EVIL is defined as Then -and nOTHING COMES CLOSE
then -
nothing will ever come close
certainly because these "tools" killing me as I type
are weapons - anything goes in terms of keeping people who might want to say something saying nothing..
I can say something ONLY because
I am ...

////I m :) a little Princess..
I'm a little Princess :)
.....I'm a little dolly.....
I'm a little Pwincess

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