Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I hear a cacophony of "real sounding voices"
I want to be dead
That is my emanation
I want to go to another world
preferably one - where in some after life- in some whats next - who knows right now
in another world -world system
come upon some "force" not created as a war ..
and say - not say "emit"

there's this place -needs your (our) help
anyone treats a person like this
and is allowed to run the place needs to be run out of the earth
that feeling may or may not be Hz-ed out of me
but it is real
none of them are real
I used to read the other Targeted individuals posts and be like - come on
- not jus tthe way they read.._back then I thought someone heard us besides Big Data and Augmented Intellect.
if this is augmented intellect we're doomed
space men or not....
- the fact that this has been going on so long - without a peep is scary
not just for me (there is NO me  left...just fear and that is waning - obviously) but everyone

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