Thursday, June 22, 2017

4 times IS ENUF! i graph the Mandler

supposedly I have to keep checking
the 8th Floor Search Engine "to see" if my thinking has caused an earthquake in 'East Gotham City'
to establish some online "watermark" of Secondary Symptoms of Schizophrenia
VEDA VALE is trying to create an algorithm that pre-supposes Rivic Roark's
I give it one more check and graph..
"i don't get it...what are we trying to prove here?"

BLOOM starts "graphing " all over the place 'DENNY -stay in fuckin character or we'll have to overlay schizo affect atop thy god damn pate.
BLOOM graphs me a panda then a visual of some wooly mammoth
a symbol for "Hair Cut ' time

'no" - i graph back feeling the top of my head

Next I receive a quick burst of pain on my shoulder

"can't have you out and about looking like a monkey , MONKEY!" BLOOM graphs  

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