Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer of Sam"

Bolis, Burns and Bulimia 

Do online narratives that seek to instill in another physical traits and perceived personality styles based on these descriptions cause another to mentalize these qualities when asked to later reject previous identifiers in non linear written accounts. 
Can a social media feed or blog posts that do not read in a linear fashion shape subjective responses that aims to shift the readers understanding of character traits that define physical attribute. We wish to investigate how the interaction of mismatch and imprinted value that relates to beauty determining how narratives might be used to persuade a reader's investment in fictitious characters. Specifically we wish to use text that is free from visual references  that deploy only written scenarios meant to establish physical type as it relates to physical appearance ( with stories) that establish qualities meant to repel as to see if a reader; next asked to view the same variable (character in story) with an entirely different set of physical attributes so we might understand the effects of semantic as this concerns  physical appearance in story so we might understand the mind states of others when asked to "reset"a mentalization.

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