Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I have written before about my understanding that nobody reads my 'documentation" besides those who were or are involved in "university' testing concerning Human Ecology. While the more "esoteric" work is compartmentalized the garden variety 'snakes and spiders/ BOBO Doll" of it is grounded in academics and psychology. The "blistering agent" 'work" I assume is more in  keeping with "***" there is a cross over to the testing -one thing leads to another..and gaps in "play" where the testing seemingly comes to a halt -if I am able to write about this in a linear way -for removed from Gotham City.
I write this now because it is all coming back to me those years.Now with the supposition  very little of what i assumed were coincidences were anything but. A TI spends many,many hours researching and cannot help begin to 'Add it UP...
If nothing else in terms of 'safety" my piecing together things (imagine a wall with string and news clippings)  only helps solidify the CRAZY that goes with such activities.
but beyond me -just doing my duty- to present as loon...knowing nobody but a small few know of what i am saying-and it's truth - it helps me -have an understanding of how I got where I am- so hopefully - i can continue,,,

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