Tuesday, June 20, 2017

slap happy

i  literally slap myself in the face hard 3 times.while taking a piss.
thinking of Mandlers
trying not to look in the mirror thinking 'what a drag ' it will be to finish pissing touch the flusher.
continue on
being 'enhanced"
and just slap myself 3 times seeing for a moment stars...or little lights
- and nothing matters afterward
that's how batshit crazy on gets in Gotham

but Mister bloom doesn't do this in the comic book he's just some creepy due gets angry and talks in lawn maintenance metaphors...has some thing called seeds in his elongated weird contorted body
nobody knows if it's true if I did this but researchers and they're like people on Survivor or something filming distanced..
you have to be to be so smart
to their own kids they're probably all loving and warm
not even cold
this to them is something amazing

or groundbreaking
this isn't ALL about weapons
it's about anything that can turn a dollar..
these people

are a new breed.

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