Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Expanded Theoretical Space - Signifier as Self Concept

I strip and I put on a diaper.the camera is already set on the tripod
to  film myself-I sit on a sheet in the middle of the room behind me is a wooden chair
I fold my legs and blow snot first through my left nostril then right
I let the mucus hang there
 the camera light is on . I wipe the mucus off the bottom of my nose with the sheet.
placing my fingers on my lower lip and begin stroking the bottom lip rhythmically
because the lip is so close to the tongue/throat larynx automatically sound is elicited by the action
-comforting sounds..infantile (?)- primal- of self soothing -self rocking?
buh buh buh - the fingers staccato
buh - buh -buh ...the cool of the sheets..replaced now by the heat of wet piss
I force myself to defecate into the diaper. 

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