Tuesday, June 20, 2017

meanwhile in Gotham

Steven Jenkins Invited you to play Candy Kiss Kartel ! ;)

INDIS O'SAY stands with his luggage trying not to let the now constant movement disorder caused by the Direct Energy Weapons show to the GUARDS who might confuse tremor and myoclonus with nervousness and therefore intent.At first INDIS was relieved to see the mind scanning machines Jim Gordon spoke about to make the people of Gotham feel safe in their minds were up and running before realizing he had just that morning read an article about some Targeted Individual burning the face off a neuroscientist and thinking 'it's about time".
Concerned this reaction to Brenda Sharpe's disfigurement by the Darke -O Gang in west Gotham might imply he was Aberrant for wanting payback INDIS left the airport

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