Thursday, June 22, 2017

Magneto Man

"A new low
in how I must graph with you Little Ginger Bread Boy!" Tru graphs
I might as well be teaching you at some lectern
"IF there were several tribes going this way and that
yes?"Tru Christie graphs
"yes" I graph back
"and one tribe for instance decided punishment for this dumbass raised to tell yarns was to cut off his ear"
"yes' I graph back , hoping this is not a math problem, as subtraction seems to be the theme.
'and the other tribe decides as punishment for the dumbass raised to tell yarns ONLY HIS TRIBE may co author to cut the dumbass's face off ..."
"well certainly ONE of these tribes is more civilized than the other ..more forgiving ..a kinder and gentler tribe than the other ..Yes? Little Gingerbread Boy?..Now let me explain something to you about The Little Gingerbread Boy -some might say as soon as the Gingerbread Boy jumped off his cookie pan saying "FFFF*ck You " to his makers
his fate was sealed
and some tribes might say
no the Gingerbread Boy had free will
and a fun time of it running away from the cow ,the people etc..sewing his wild oats and all
he just didn't know when to stop is all
(a Christian point of view I reckon is the latter...I think but try to take back the think..there is something about my notion of an all forgiving loving G-d that infuriates my Mandlers which I don't understand
surely they must concede someone being psychotronically tortured by Slow Kill
and Voice of God tech
doesn't quite "reach" for some punishing God but
quite the antithesis ..)
" suppose someone put little chips in Ginger Bread Boy's head," Tru graphs ,ignoring my trespasses
"little chiparoonies to study how certain neural pathways formed
in Little Gingerbread Boy's noggin
to discover how every time little G.B "yelled and thus thought "HA HA
you can't catch me "
he became more and more the type of assh*le
that even if he went home to his makers
he'd still have this look and bearing
of this prick
who not only runs away from the very people who know what happens inevitably to
pieces of dough on the run
but also taunts these people
but still Gingerbread Boy's "folks" take the ingrate back
after all
Gingerbread Boy
turned around and went home after his first bender
he might have lived an ok life with his folks
become some kind of upstanding pastry
told the 'on the run' story at bars every now and than
now what if the Gingerbread Boy went a bit further
running and taunting?
made it to the damn river ...
and said to himself
ok I had my kicks maybe I best go home
..just maybe ..
the wild child
could adapt to the Cabin in the Woods
but certainly not as much
obviously his neural pathways would be even less easy to deal with
as these idiotic displays at autonomy gave the little boy
a silly sense he wasn't stirred and cooked ONLY to be a certain way
how long was the Gingerbread Boy's life span after all..20 minutes?
but he didn't die quickly
he wasn't chomped up by the fox in one snap
the fox f*cked with the little assh*le
who thought he could just do anything he wanted
I hate the little Gingerbread Boy's makers
because I know why they made him-The Ginger Bread Boy
they knew damn well the G.B. would run away
know why?
because in the Cabin in the Woods
they had this device that shot little frequencies into G.B. head that made him run wild and manic
first around the Cabin
than out the door
everything outside the door was in fact set up for G.B . ahead of time
including the damn fox
to gage how Gingerbread Boy would respond to these provocateurs
just as this damn internet is set up as the damn BOOK OF NUMBERS
a census of who be RIGHT KIND
and who be WRONG KIND

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