Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To say I look weird is an understatement - I look bizarre
as the cranial nerve and facial nerves are forever used "as system" to investigate biological systems
I look disturbed. I can barely move the sides of my face
I 've taken my hits for "Our Boys"
and for "Locked-In Syndrome"
or whatever this might be for.

Looking crazy - is the least of it- but you'd be surprised how much looks start to matter when one is
often hesitant to leave the house in this state.
The dystonia that is the first part of the "break down" of a person rendered Non person
could be covered up with the use of a cane.
At the start - (i had no idea at the time (2002) what was going on - ) my arms and shoulders would cramp up in freeze like staes - so tight at times I felt as if i might dislocate a shoulder..I did use a cane
but there is no cane to explain away - a face made into mask.

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