Tuesday, June 20, 2017

another NO NO moment betwix me and some - uh - reader ( uh really -does anyone who READS read a Word Press Blog -uh no - except Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesearchers....oh Beth ....come on we be doing a scien pwojekt  you loathsome ...aw...now we can't have tea time in da' tee pee and pway Clanging games ...awwww....and I want to be a big red ball when i gwow up like you daddy was ...-awwww baby girl daddy's girl we knwo know wwhat type a ' Little Miss gits involve volved in duh Behaviorist Field don't we
why perdy girl
maybe some "team " a behaviorist Merry Pwanksirs done play BAY BAY on your
all happy families - just pwain folks to get a
piec ea BETH
....beth -I wuv you...
awww Beth come sit closer to poppa little pwincess...whose my wittle princess.

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