Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mister Bloom be all about Motion ya' see Dumbo..he can't sit down - he also makes these cute little ooooooohhhahhhhhhh ooooooo sounds when we MEG him with the EMP when he starts fuckin' up our story or DRINKING SODA or smoking Crack ...and all the DUMBO things Mister Bloom has done to get to the point in our story...of some floating god damn world Dumbo wants to destroy single handedly BUT HE WON'T because as much as he CLAIMS he hates it He Fuckin Loves It! and could not imagine living without the FX..understand you kunt..
IN his Lonely Disgruntled ROOM
is also a WEIGHT SET - no fancy Millenial shit just a bench with fuckin weights.he uses when he aint Drawing some wacko shit in between makinbg Mini Pulse Hounders banging his head against the wall or sticking his grimy - NOT DIRTY - hand down his pants..he be Cwazy that way SIC without the K unless of course he's snorting K cuz' his Mandlers want him disassociating for human animal testing and shit or he don't get no GOTHAM CHECK every month because THIS BOY needs slow the fuk down before we does little Dumbo with more Hz then his GRIMY ,Paint stained fingers can go "Calling All Cars " online in the WRONG WAY..
also DUMBO has a friend only he sees Little Ginger Bread Boy  style
that he has

"NO ..little Ginger Bread Boy. it;s gay"- i graph 

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