Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DUDE - i graph whatever little hose job you did with the direct energy to my neuralities better have me smarter and shit because BOY dat' hz.

well mean while in Gotham the Cobblepot gang is

"YOU COCKSUCKER ! Give me some speeeeeed...to git this Bitch back on it's feet Man..
or I gonna go puss and VIN - EGOR all over you visual data screen..

yum yum yum I try to remember
what monkeys in cage might do to Big Boy Researchers they don't like
and stick my thin
warts and all too long nails..
(I like to keep my nails LONG)


i start pulling on my sweaty penis..but so much wire-ie hair is around it..
i feel a grain like -Thang between my fingers now steeped in warm sweat..
wondering if i might have dropped a Cheerio-- a


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