Tuesday, June 20, 2017

another smoke - another 'no-no' don't say that- and a reminder the only ones reading this

...are the very same people torturing you.


Love the suit

Nice weather we're having

I want to fuck you like an animal

Remember these four words I tell you .I will ask you to repeat them





///// I wish I was a Priness Beth,,,,,I wish we could got to a tea house and kij green kojif together and ouvers pasach set nikiity tin pooh pooh together before the sunset pee pee potty show mare kissy kiss cake cup cake cup candy land kittens

"Enough Dumbo " - graph the Mandlers

'I want to wish Beth at the UCLA Bwain Mappwing Center a mirry Christmas ! Mirry cwist mas Beth do you want to go to the pee pee tee pee tent in clanging clip clik...shippy shine siip sippp"

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