Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I see Mind's Eye -without that tricky Inner Sight that can be so easily triggered by words ( i say yellow you see such ) but this grand design by passes this type of nonsense to get to the idea . A millions shades of yellow NO a million shades of Red and Purple Black and neon and old colors only seen in paintings and still pictures and movement beyond the movement we see in films but feel when we think something might move...all going on in the sense that projects of terror as I am made to see myself up on this stage with a person so much more instilled with Personhood then most...holding me forward...I am not bound ...this is no "Mob" scene as might play out in movies but a purposely low key event.It is put to me - played out in towns across ---all at once...
"Would you want a Man who Looks like this to marry your Daughter?"

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