Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pwincess diawie massed stimulation of the anterior piriform cortex.

I bang my head against the wall
next try wacking off
then open soda...and eat some food near the table
i live like a rat.
I am a rat
I solder together a wire from an old camera flash  but become hyper and bored and stick my hand down my pants. drink soda spit it out and smack myself in the face ..
then continue soldering the wire to make a mini pulse gun so I don't have to keep placing the phone against my cranial nerve
if I "fix " the phone to give off more juice with an adapter..I can stimulate the nerve enough away from the elcetro-magnetic entrainment-it's that or cut the nerve.I 've thought of it
same with the facial nerves..which I now have to zap for 5 minutes at 2 second durations every 2 hours to simply be able to smile  

i tend to keep the computer on
as the 2.5 Giga Hertz if nothing else keeps my attentions on the ever moving back screen away from the fukin "handling"
if I type helps - i am closer to the EMF seepage which is better then this shit beeping at my head all day and night

Delayed development of spontaneous seizures and prolonged convulsive state in rats after massed stimulation of the anterior piriform cortex.

We studied the short- and long-term epileptogenic effects of massed stimulation (MS) of the piriform cortex. Sprague-Dawley rats with electrodes implanted bilaterally in the anterior piriform cortex and the dorsal and ventral hippocampi underwent MS: electrical stimulation of the left piriform cortex every 5 min for 6 h (afterdischarge threshold, 60 Hz, 1 ms, 1 s). Animals were retested (5 stimulations) 3-4 times later at different time points to check for the kindled state. Our data showed that MS resulted in delayed development of severe epilepsy. The interval between MS and the first appearance of convulsive response (2 weeks) was characterized by deep refractoriness to seizure (silent period). Unexpectedly, dramatic seizure activity occurred 4-7 weeks after MS. This was manifested by (1) generalized tonic-clonic convulsions with multiple failings, which were elicited repeatedly during retest; (2) frequent progression of elicited generalized convulsions into a prolonged (> 8 min) postictal convulsive state expressed mainly by continuous partial seizures and even new bouts of generalized seizures, and (3) development of mild spontaneous seizures. We found that epileptiform activity predominated in the ventral hippocampus. Mossy fiber sprouting was also most pronounced in this area. We propose that the MS resulted in formation of pathological circuits which involve both piriform cortex and ventral hippocampus and lead to severe epilepsy.

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