Thursday, June 22, 2017

Piper Pepper Sarg EMT Ingo

  1. Kindling Bell's Palsy Models of Facial Paralysis in Cats ( 80Hz 2sec duration Amygdala oscillation nonspecific duration )
  2. we wish to investigate the neural basis of religious belief by approximating event potentials that might best cause "psychic" distress
  3. we scanned adults with short/short (s/s) or long/long (l/l) variants of the 5-HTTLPR during tasks to study self and higher power
  4. rip the wings off people...DO SOMETHING - we cannot ! DO SOMETHING --We Cannot..DO SOMETHING - man cannot with weapons like this ..LETS GO
  5. let ALL people know of these weapons created to simulate madness Plants...if only for a moment..the same types rip the wings off insects ..
  6. Save Us - I think to the plants..release something into the air -make everyone as mad as they can secretly- let they KNOW before
  7. I think to the trees...a higher form of life ..that has no visual or aural symbols to define what a brain does when it is off or on running
  8. reality - to think past symbols either visual or aural to AWAY from here..because AWAY is all this has taught me..
  9. it is so very hard to think -to mentalize anything not handed down to us as word-or sound that means anything beyond those who defined ..
  10. Lets GO! I think -and thus graph to the "mentors" but I think only of a higher intelligence not so very artificial LETS GO! PLAY BALL
  11. waiting for a oscillation /emanation from a plant,a wing,a person -unseen even by the great Brain initiative to say - let's GO
  12. a higher Intelligence "brain Maps" the entirety of it..looking through 2 inches of skulls..infra red SEEING and KNOWING --waiting..
  13. this type is the cause of most suffering in the world. i have no pity on them they are beneath contempt.
  14. i want all those who have watched to suffer..I want their names..and the names of their children..this type we can have no more of
  15. may it boil onto them...make it they hurt me..
  16. I think further and further away from my body and distorted face to all those in the legal system ,jails ,universities who watch a pot boil
  17. at the start they said these stress positions would force me to reach beyond my body and into the -outward ,Up..
  18. by now one is hebaphrenic in a plant -like a weed.disfigured as the Oscillations push and pull like palsy..
  19. that's all we're doing understand Dumbo..we have to keep doing it for your own good
  20. intentional and gradual release of the initial trauma requires a Mentor re-traumatize the Proxy over and over
  21. WTF Bloom - don't listen to what we say - it's California - damn Dumbo..don't you understand this yet?
  22. Damien Darhke & Rivic Roarke pressed the button and down came the steeple of Rivic Industries just as Mr. Bloom said the words to Veda Vale
  23. my rage I direct at all involved and Rivic Industries in particular- look for yourself Gothamites at the Rivic Building quaking !
  24. Damn Dumbo can't even read your lines right with that unique earpiece..and can't stay on lark with that unique eye it again
  25. i feel nothing,I think nothing,I am alive but dead - the slow kill gets slower my rage I direct at all involved and California in particular
  26. torture for years in broad daylight and all through the night - Mister Bloom- I have nothing else to serve back but the same pain
  27. That man you saw tonight is the boy that none of us saved. -- Alfred Pennyworth
  28. abuse and hate make one tune into that which plays through it shall learn that soon
  29. it was automatic now and they did not care to stop it
  30. so this take on 'A.I." can study WHICH STORIES or which emanations a person blessed to hear ,see and feel these emanations tunes into
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    A quick scan of pupillary response to my "Home Team 'and we decide via inter-face how round , haggard of pale my face should be to make ...
  32. a New Bat Signal shined NOW high above Los Angeles waiting for the Eminations to let - her RIP
  33. Face Two - Focus Intentionality

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