Tuesday, June 20, 2017

it's all -supposedly about subjective reality as well
it's audio spot light
and my mind visual cortex wise probably see stuff of my own making..
maybe not..
don't even know if it's brain interface
...because it's just KILL ME or something or God give me the will to exit

that stiuff I talked about before the "ENHANCEMENT " lead me up to beth and SEds..and whatever..
is how i really feel...
just disgusting..
just used..
just screwed over..
wish i didn't ...
but I do

screw justice
where is this justice...it's a McDonald's
a shiny plastic sign they want us to "Like"
it doesnt exist..
I want to blow up this whole fuckin place..
but this type dont slum in know washington
they don't like the USA either-- they find it droll and provincial and the people they rule -dull and cynical or happy and foolish
and POOR..

you can't even blow anything up anymore with someone giving a damn
unless it's their own big blow
fuck only knows what they have planned next

"DUMBO! graph the Mandlers ,'You SUCK at this Deep Government Yacking so cool it..and we never have pock mark with Big Blow ...or we can't recruit the right types which so ain't a Mister Bloom...so where the fuck were we?"

Hmmm don't rememebr but my type
what type of things do we do crime and stuff...


"Oh...you want to make typing Batman vs. Bloom a crime -or just people who might act on it?"

"Act on What Jib...you're not a good actor ...you're not good at anything ...so I really think you should kill yourself .What you think  the one we called "Beth" was for..?
to see if hambone would be MUG enuf to type it..and as expected he was all over that bad boy...

"bad gurl you mean Mandler..
Beth been a very very bad girl..
show poppa how bad you are"

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