Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cole L.Cohen Sent to Gotham Prison for Life -August 8 2018 Gotham Gazette - Max Fate

Some in the jury applauded ,some booed when they heard Cole L.Cohen's life had been spared
One juror ,who only want ed to be identified as Juror Number 5 said she bought Cole's argument that something called 'Voice to Skull" was used on him to him do what he did and she was not impressed with the Department of Shapes and Lines claiming the technology was the stuff of conspiracy theory, "But nobody wanted to hear it. Nobody wanted to believe the Gotham City Office of Interior Intent would use these things on a person just to research another's psychological threshold - as that would have meant the victims were also just so much collateral damage . A means to an ends - a conclusion of an experiment -just  like Cole."

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