Thursday, June 22, 2017


JIM gives him a box of juice through the bars
GIL- Sorry about earlier
JIM- Earlier?
GIL - They told me to do it
We get the impression from JIM's face and JIM'S gulp that he understands what -earlier- means
GIL - (almost a whisper ) They mean to hurt you
JIM -(ignoring the warning in spite of it's initial effect as palpable )
what happened there.At the Harm Her Love?
GIL -Lets just say I'm not a big fan of crocodile scars.(whispering)
I guess I'm not a friend of Sam's
JIM - (annoyed now at this jaborwok)Sam's?
GIL- Samba
JIM - Drugs were found in your system
GIL (completely removed now ,smiling ,retreating back into the cell away from the bars and Jim)
They're gonna hurt you so bad Jimbo wait
INT - GOTHAM JAIL (Police Station)
CROSS,an inmate yells to JIM as he walks down the corridor)
Old Jimbo got them Crocodile Fears !
JIM comes in the front door and walks to the KITCHEN
ORLEAN is cooking
We see JIM looking at her funny and notice she is wearing a shirt that features a crocodile
ORLEAN - What's wrong?
JIM-Tired I guess
He starts to leave the kitchen but backtracks
JIM- That shirt.I never saw it before
ORLEAN (looking down) Oh,I was going through my old clothes
(touching the shirt) it's fun isn't it?"

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