Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enforced Speech

  1. be Forever and All Time the LAST of this Kind...are you with me !- Adam parker shouted and Dumbo -guess what the cheers were like thunder
  2. "Say EWWWW to Mister Bloom ...as you might privately -when you feel it is OK ..Say it Proudly. Let THIS PIECE OF HUMAN ECTOPLASM before you
  3. "Why LOOK at him! People - Look at Bloom - would you want to have a child with this man ? No. SAY IT LOUD and for God's sake say it PROUDLY
  4. of course Bloom wants Gotham destroyed and the New Way for HE is the RESULT of Old Way like thinking -the Mandler graphs
  5. I shall Kill you Adam Parker with my bared teeth ! I shall destroy Gary Rainy and his ilk. I am Batman!
  6. I am here to fight The New Way! that's what Mister Bloom does in Batman!
  7. Ok Ok..so he makes it worse.Tries to parade his 'issues' as might a little girlie man -for pity.But there is no pity in The New Way is there
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    "HEY! I don't like this One - it looks just like me -you said -if I tried I would have a better vessel.. But you didn't try Denny.
  9. and he does it again. ANSWERS before QUESTIONS are given - understand - ? "NO"- i graph "It means STOP "
  10. "we can always just go Prison Stay Dumbo and Prison does nOT mean JAIL TIME so if I were you Dumbo I'd shut my mouth -grafs the mandler
  11. I owe them -according to Mandlers - another round of Organizational Interplay that can only be studied in such a setting
  12. the mandlers go head on Transhuman Movement on me to perturb my thinking to a 1200 a day In Patient stay for the Human Connectome Free 4All
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    Happy ! 🐙 🦑 Did you know squid and octopus can edit and direct their own brain genes?
  14. another test Mandlers? what do you THINK Dumbo?
  15. There is no body but the envious body BEFORE the New Way makes that 10 Fold Little Man - so wake up and shut up Den he Pace
  16. "I am helping you Denny ," Bloom graphed upon Denny's noggin presenting himself as a thorny rose to this prick "Ouch," cried Denny
  17. it's all about looks to Mandlers and it became all about looks to me -Denny graphed to Bloom. And Bloom aimed pulsed techno at the Merge
  18. the cans smashed and smashed Denny's head..so hard his Eminations leapt from his body he had begun to hate into a new one already waiting
  19. up and down up and down went Denny not realizing it would be his head between the trash can lids if he didn't shut up- graph the Mandlers
  20. see how fast they go primal...and then they will smash the next window. FIRE in the streets. Drums beat and not from no radio but trash cans
  21. it snore BLOW ME UP! LIGHT ME UP..throw the comforts out the window and jump through your neighbors window .Make them feel unsafe and awake
  22. all that matters to me is that all people feel free to keeping propagating, celebrating individuality and making the world a place so safe.
  23. an ear piece in his ear . A monster yelling in his ear in soft gentle licks - Den he Must Learn NOT to or else."I am a gentle loving man...

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