Thursday, June 22, 2017

return to Gotham City

you want money

well it's about god damn time Dumbo because you owe us a god damn fortune for doing this understand Jib?

and nobody has taken more from the service provided than you if you ask me

you demand more and more of it

nobody rides for free

you're a charity case -for now - because you're a drug addict and a moron...or whatever fancy names they give Lessors who can barely function in the real world

you need to be kept

understand because you can barely keep it together - as notes on the post we call 'Slap Happy" and I don't give a god damn if you made it up or not

-it reads as ill disturbed and has been filed as such

as was the post we call "Beth"

the last few days in fact was all about Dumbo knowing what not to say

which presupposes if Dumbo would know what to do


or those pieces would not have been written...


it doesn't matter if you take them shows - if nothing else - Dumbo is not a victim but in some ways an aggressor to his quote unquote "Mandlers'
and is quite handful -and JOB to his team

and if nothing else "he gives as good as he gets"

Furthermore it shows he is attempting to destroy a brand and cannot be left "off the hook"

as we now have an idea how he will discuss the venture un -monitored

Good Gracious Mister Bloom where on earth you found some smidgeon of affect

that defines you as "poor Jib" I don''t know

- where you been hiding this cadence of Good Guy? Or is it only used for you to try to -Humanize" yourself to others

not aware of your Everyday Emotives.

Nice Try ...

As for you continuing to augment this venture into a Weapons Demonstration

I think it's high time Jib begin to think how talk like that might in fact make it one

when in reality -immersive, virtual - or otherwise

all we're trying to do is make Mister Bloom the creepiest guy in Gotham

so he might seep the city back to it's Blossom Row Ho Down.

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