Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jib,you're either writing about the face thing
which there's a RIGHT WAY to DO
or writing about pedophiles in Gotham
and there are NO pedo 's in Gotham beside G. Peto
Jonathon Crane ...
or the way WE SAY
then he goes and puts PHOTOS of himself ONLINE
concerning 'the face thing" when he was told DO NOT DO HIS please
and you wonder why we have to make your face look even worse
anything you do to try to so called "tell on us ' like a little girl might
anything you do to try to NOT WRITE "the pedo looked at the little child and smiled"
ARE YOU NUTS DUMBO? thinking THIS serves your cause
it just makes you look like an ingrate EVEN MORE
as for the BENZOS the Jib is not supposed to take
they make you MEAN and STUPID and you are too mean and stupid already
you want pills to deal with this go to a mental hospital; so we can pump you full of Thorazine
stop trying to weasel out of this or go all little girl I'm gonna jump off a bridge shit because
it's disgusting theatrics
if you jump you jump ..have some god damn dignity Dumbo
-how'd you like to be in a platoon on a mission with some weakling wanker crying like a little girl
he doesn't want to be there
you'd beat his face in
what I'm saying is YOU MAKE ME HURT YOU
so stop saying you don't LIKE IT because you DO
you like being in Gotham except when you become a god damn Baby trying to
control what goes on there
like you're Rivic Roarke
you're not Rivic Roarke or Tru Christie or Gary Rainy
and you should be glad you're not
it takes an awful lot of work being in a power position getting all the little Dumbos in Gotham to
not be as dumb as they were the day before.

I begin typing 'return to Gotham" in a post title box
and the cartoon gloved hand  says "Halt"

"NO - NO return to Gotham after all if all Gotham is to you is a boulder being moved from one hill to another "


"to make you appreciate it faggit "

---------you're trying to drive me crazy ----you're trying to drive me crazy--- you're trying to drive me crazy---I think to the Mandler -trying to View myself Mind's Eye rocking back and Forth

"Amazing !, You never could really do that before ...THAT's Attentionality Dumbo..."

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