Wednesday, June 21, 2017

all the fear - don't say this- don't write this
you felt 'you heard"  ( I sound mad ...saying this and  certainly this is the point - )
comes back to you.
I sound mad - insane - writing about hearing things 'tell me' and YES that is the main point
made worse- the "symptom ' ( psychotic.schizophrenic, at the very "least" a drug addict"_
when I go into detail about how this effects one's sanity.
in a certain way that cannot really infer- i am writing a novel - wanting to be liked ..wanting to be wanna be..
and this more and more is my point.
it a person kills them selves -the most another might read is 3 or 4 passages the victim of "an imaginary crime" might read - to get to the reasoning behind 'the act"
- thus my ' placing disturbing ,sick elements of the targeting
in a way keeps me alive..
they- will not have this
as the - last words
they will have a meandering Batman scene or some nonsense about Memfis Ohio..
better yet a few cartoons that have nothing to do with either.
something that proves if only to myself there is some self left

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