Tuesday, September 5, 2017

at the start of Batman volume 9

both batman and the joker get - reset
in a way
i am reset now

( i had made the mistake of "accepting a phone" meaning I am now in some way
beholden to the ' Lessor Gods Blossom Row " project
these - decisions - ( I didn't want the phone- nor am i too crazy about - where I dwell - i shit you not I can barely fucking move sometimes - and these guys are still -playing Rabbi ...are you fucking kidding me ?0

reset to some -state
of perpetual confusion
these guys having a time with
- OOOOO the places you could have gone...

hell yeah perhaps if I wasn't made someone's science  frog

- i spend all day in this mind fuck
i look for answers.
i try to put information together to find out what the hell is the point of this
- are the endless morlaity / personality tests just -one more thing
to distract me from the plain and simple fact I ( along with who knows how many others ) I am all about oxygen levels to the brain , respiration , reach movement ..

I can't take it anymore and the pills I take to escape it make it ten times worse
HATE and RAGE is all i am

Reseting an Engram
Hippocampal sharp wave‐ripple: A cognitive biomarker for episodic memory and planning

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