Monday, September 4, 2017

18 years earlier -

It was Kate who set up Patrick Pace's apartment as a type of mini art studio for Denny to use during visiting day weekends.
Layla Pace would have been suprised that Patrick let Kate roll a huge sheet of butcher block paper all over the floor with jars and cups filled to the brim with paints ,markers and glue.
Patrick Pace had always said that artists were faggots and that no son of his would "do nothing" to pick up upon these traits .
Kate explained to Patrick that "The Annex" insisted that Denny try as many different activities as possible (acting,singing,boxing ,,,) to give The Annex and Denny's Operating Tele-Presence a good idea of Denny's possible future contributions to "the team"might be.
Kate and Patrick set before Denny a large piece of clean white paper with a pre -mixed palette of poster paint
"Draw your Daddy a nice Neuronautics flag."Kate said to Denny.
Denny painted the flag as best he could and next Kate turned the painting of the flag upside down and told Denny to paint people at the bottom of the flag if they were standing below a giant upside down flag.
"That's silly," Denny said turning the flag right side up
"If Kate tells you to do something Denny you do it ," Patrick ,Denny's Father said turning the picture upside down again "Draw people at the bottom of the flag that they have turned around and have some of the people lighting the flag on fire'
'No ," Denny yelled and Patrick smacked him.
"Jesus -Patrick," Kate yelled ,more concerned about the slap leaving marks than the slap itself touching Denny's face Kate said ,"Tell me why Denny you don't want paint the flag like your Daddy asks.Is it the Mandlers telling you no?"
Denny did like Kate knowing about the Mandlers nor the way Kate spoke in a sing -song voice about The Mandlers as if Mandlers were nice or dumb or baby-ish.
'It's wrong to paint flags burning or to paint flags upside down" Denny said
'It's not wrong if your art one day attracts the very same people who might want to turn flags upside down and light them on fire is it? If we can catch people who might like this type of art is it?"Kate said putting her arms on Denny's shoulders
'YES! It's wrong !" Denny screamed pushing Kate's hands off him .Denny ran to the front door and took his small jacket off the hook and began putting it on.
"Where do you think you're going ," Patrick yelled
"I want to go to Mommy's ,"Denny yelled
"Take off that coat and you SIT right down and you first apologize to Kate and than you draw the damn flag the way we say ,understand !" Patrick said making a move to go over and get him from the door.

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