Monday, May 11, 2015

the TI in Tiger Blood

Dear Sirs,
The desire you convey concerning Proxy Cyber branching out so we might be in a position to win bids from "branches" outside the private sector is not unfounded. And I request that I may be of service in demonstrating how Proxy Cybernetics knows as well as anyone out there how to put "the psycho" in Psychotronic Weapons .As you realize several of our Proxy are not quite "working out " and thus we might be able to ,as they say kill two birds with one stone. By this I mean we can "retire" subordinates early by using these subjects who either give diminished returns or are "still" reticent toward accentuating the positive aspects of being "mechanisms/"supermen ".There are some amongst the participants who insists that 'death might be better ' than simply "being connected" and at this point -I must say I agree. Furthermore, "this type of subject" who "prides his or herself " on being "unchangeable" with or without an "electronic intervention" is exactly the "type" (if we amp up the interface to include "fits of rage and organic changes to brain tissue etc) that might help us win some bidding contracts as these Proxy will prove that our product /software/methodologies can sway even our most milquetoast /choirboy "companions "to "be- of service . I propose we take a YES WE CAN .YES WE WILL.YES WE DO course of action by SHOWING that .PROXY CYBERNETICS is as good, if not better than anyone else in the Mind Assuage Field at altering neurons in the sections of the brain not related to perception. Proxy Cyber must limit itself to "white trafficking "and "white slavery" as most fascinating testing is being quite outside of the bounds of vicarious 'Gaming" and avatarial "kicks" by Proxy. For instance 'brain studies" via "app" or with just the use of electromagnetic directed energy aimed at human's skull to heighten areas of the brain so that certain glands may be encouraged to secrete small doses of hormones that can satisfy the requirements of a sexual imbue during interface .Also exciting work is being done with psychotronic "hand's off" technology to trigger certain glands to cause quite horrific alterations in human physiology concerning all aspects of a human organism's' biological self regulating systems. We must take risks and take advantage of the fact that most if not all the "Proxy's" gripes, deaths and lawsuits fall on either deaf ears or thankfully well placed ears we have placed in nearly all the areas of medicine ,the science, academia ,the criminal justice system and the media .May I remind you that while we generally 'play safe" with our subjects others in the Mind Augment Field NOT so concerned about the usual "hit or miss" inevitabilities* of tinkering with the so called " delicate balance issues "of brain signal emulation imbues causing a feeling of euphoria and causing hyper-aggression rage are in fact the ones making fascinating new discoveries and therefore patents on a weekly basis. . Early on you informed me that Proxy Cyber must take risks* and pride itself on an "Anything Goes" outlook considering Human Testing, I too feel we must not always weigh the risks when progress has always relied on it's fair share of hazards. As some of these tests hint at risks we will not discuss please read carefully my list of subjects who you have mentioned might be in "our best interest to phase out of The Program" as I myself have ideas on this particular subject .
Thank You,
Tru Christie

*Frequency of Dopamine Concentration Transients Increases in Dorsal and Ventral Striatum of Male Rats during Introduction of Conspecifics
Donita L. Robinson, Michael L. A. V. Heien
Transient, elevated concentrations of extracellular dopamine were characterized in the dorsal and ventral striatum of male rats during solitude, brief interaction with a conspecific, and copulation. Conspecific rats were systematically presented to male rats and allowed to interact for 30 sec; the males were kept in solitude between each presentation. During these episodes, 125 dopamine concentration transients from 17 rats were detected with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry at carbonfiber microelectrodes (peak amplitude, 210 10 nM; duration, 530 20 msec). The frequency of dopamine transients increased sixfold during conspecific episodes compared with solitude. However, the phasic dopamine activity habituated on the second presentation of the conspecifics. When males were allowed to copulate with receptive females, additional dopamine transients were observed at frequencies 20% of those during the previous interaction episodes. A subset of these transients immediately preceded intromission. Overall, phasic
dopamine activity appeared to be associated with input from multiple sensory modalities and was followed by a variety of approach and appetitive behaviors, consistent with electrophysiological observations of dopaminergic neuron burst-firing. In summary, (1) dopamine concentration transients occur in awake rats during solitude, in the absence of overt external cues; (2) dopamine transients are significantly more frequent in the presence of a conspecific, although this effect habituates; and (3) dopamine transients are less frequent during copulation than during brief conspecific episodes. These results establish for the first time that transient dopamine fluctuations occur throughout the dorsal and ventral striatum and demonstrate that they are more frequent with salient stimuli that elicit a response behavior.

•Acromegaly is a syndrome that results when the anterior pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone after epiphyseal plate closure at puberty. A number of disorders may increase the pituitary's GH output, although most commonly it involves a tumor called pituitary adenoma, derived from a distinct type of cell.

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