Monday, May 11, 2015

give a little whistle ,take a lethal tumble


We are very proud to announce our first conference on covert harassment. The conference is the first of an annual human rights conference with the aim to create awareness on the covert harassment of civilians. Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but also thousands of innocent civilians are subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation by a myriad of non-lethal weapons and covert community harassment by government and non-government agencies. The conference addresses these issues on individual and global scale, and is also about trying to find solutions for all those targeted.
10 October : Magnus Olsson announces NSA whistleblower William Binney speaking at the Covert Harassment Conference!

The aims of the Covert Harassment Conference :
  • To challenge general ignorance, governments denial and mainstream media silence regarding the development and existence of the sophisticated spectrum of harassment methodologies and bio-electromagnetic technology (a.k.a. mind-control technology), capable of not only influencing the human body, behavior, emotions and cognitive processes, but also torturing and/or killing at the speed of light without leaving any evidence.
  • To raise awareness and inspire reflection among the public on these human rights violations committed non-consensually and covertly on innocent civilians.
  • To stimulate the debate at the European and world level, forming a basis for international legislation and policies addressing the use of remote technology weapons and/or methodologies, including: thought reading and thought control technologies, directed energy weapons (DEW), gang stalking (a.k.a. organized stalking) and ensuring citizens’ protection.
  • To prompt recognition and acknowledgement of the stories of targeted individuals, instead of ignoring them and often labelling as ‘crazy’.
  • To engender independent investigations into mind-control experimentation related crimes.
  • To encourage everybody to look for the solutions to protect citizens against the crimes committed with the use of these remote technology weapons and/or methodologies and diligently promote the care for victims of stalking crimes who have limited resources or avenues for a safe environment.
The following persons have already acknowledged to speak at the conference:
- Magnus Olsson – Director of EUCACH – European Coalition Against Covert Harassment
- Peter Mooring – Founder of STOPEG Foundation – STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking
- William Binney – NSA whistleblower
- Dr. Henning Witte – Founder of White TV, Sweden’s first uncontrolled medium
- Dr. Rauni Kilde – Medical specialist and advisor*
- Mojmír Babáček – Writer, Czech Republic
- Alfred Lambremont Webre, MA, JD – Active with human rights and social justice

02-09 11:22 Yesterday medical liaison and diplomat Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde died in her homeland Finland

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