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Brain-like associative learning using a nanoscale non-volatile phase change synaptic device array

6902 Hastle In the Castle " We can look at it a lot differently as adults"But when you have a gun put in your mouth and you believe that they’ll pull the trigger on you at any time, do you not listen to what they are telling you to do?"
**** emphasiz
ed that Decker and the other men threatened not only him, but also his family. "They said, 'If you don’t keep the members of this group happy, we control Hollywood. We can eliminate you, we will eliminate you,'" **** said. "It was threat after threat after threat."
6904 - Mine Your Own Business
6905 - Decoy for a Dragnet episode 7001 "Nowhere to Hide":

2014-A man who has accused "Facetaker" and "UNCLE"*director Drew Decker of sexually abusing him when he was a teen has sued three more entertainment industry figures on Monday claiming they also molested him.The allegations in the latest lawsuits filed by ******* are substantially
similar to the action against Decker 
1) I hear something break down stairs..
 I am used to things only be broken around me or breaking when XXXX throws stuff at me
 so I am thinking ..
 "cool" that XXXX is angry at someone else in the house..
 I hear another plate or something break than hear XXXX screaming..
 and when I hear Liam scream back ..I realize...I should have "reacted right
 the first time I heard the breaking of things"
 ..and not have been sorta' happy
 someone else- for once
 was getting yelled at instead of me
 I go downstairs..
 and lock my bedroom door from the out XXXX of Jennifer can't take my computer..
 a lot of the yelling has to do with me "thinking" I can "just write any thing " I want. without getting "my team" in trouble
 I go down stairs and sorta' hide behind the door outside the kitchen
  I try not to like obviously hide..but sort of be ..half hidden so nobody can think
 a grown man hides in his own home for and from nothing and nobody
I hear XXXX say to Liam
that Liam was "obviously putting ideas into DUMBO's head"
because DUMBO ,as a rule doesn't focus on anything that concerns anyone but himself...
and that's kinda' HOW WE WANT IT TO BE...
don't go trying to change him ...or you'll begin resetting his Imprints and Cues..

'You may think JUST because so called Dumbo,as you trained everybody to call him..'

"He likes Being called DUMBO's a term of endearment"

I feel like saying .."Actually NO..I never liked being called Dumbo.." but instead I half "hide" where I am..just so I can listen..better..

Liam says ,quieitly "Just because Dumbo is "app-ed" and was raise dlie he was..doesn't mean he's just your toy..and that he should not be allowed to stretch his imaginations. And his understanding of things..he's not a baby you know.."

'No ..he's not a baby ..but he is incapable of thing emotionally beyond a typical 15 year od..he was made that way..tell me what you and him were speaking about..Liam"

"was this befor eor after you told him he'd be having to eat food pellets for the next three days.."

"Am I supposed to feel bad ..that Dumbo has to be treated a certain way...that you don't approve of..that the only way Dumbo can be controlled is  with .."

"Ritualized Abuse?" Lima says

"Operant Conditioning,genius ..." XXXX yells back saying <" I know you're out there Dumbo"

"yeah" I say coming into the kitchen

"Give me the key to your room first of all...or go get your computer..i think we've done enough damage today ..don't you?" XXXX says.than turning to Liam,"BUTI know it was not your fault and that  faggot was putting all kinda of disturbing thoughts in your head."

I never understand why XXXX always calls Liam a faggot when Liam is the only one in the house who isn't one.
Nor do I understand why Liam takes it from XXXX ...unless..

suddenl;y for no reason..
I think UNLESS everything XXXX said is true..that Liam was putting "shit" in my head..
to get everyone and me in trouble..

the phone rings and XXXX punches the kitchen cabinet and says "Great ..Now I wonder who that is"

I know who it is ..she's the only one who uses the landline

'Hello XXXX ," says to my 2nd stepmother /mother hiding the fact he just punched the kitchen if he's happy she called..lying to her...with the way he's talking and nodding his head,although I know she can't "see' his smile ...or his lying ways...
XXXX sees I am thinking ..
thinking something like this ..and rubs my arm

like 'he has to do this fake thing sometimes" but it doesn't mean he is ever fake to me..

I can hear my second stepmother ryelling and see XXXX make so TV like gesture ..holding the phone away from his ear.Liam is still in the he can hear XXXX say,"I really think you should talk to Liam about this.."

Knowing I always get triggered when my second stepmom calls XXXX takes me into the living room and removed a big but kinda ' little looking mock version of a cub scout ..or boy scout uniform ..with shirt pants from a wrapped paper bag..and I instantly know what that means..
an dnow understand the reason for the food restrictions..
He takes out a plane ticket...and says "Las Vegas next week.."

I won't go ..but I don't say anything

"Oh LOOK ..two plane tickets he says ..just caus eyou might want my company on the plane...we have to dye your hair..Jeffery likes you to look as young as you can"

"Jeffery likes me to be dressed like a boy XXXX..I sorta' KNOW he likes me to look younger than I am  dickhead"

"Now what's wrong?..didn't you hear me in their defending you? "XXXX says

I get confused and my attention focuses on trying to over hear Liam ..who keeps saying <'yes..Yes..I DOOOOO understand BUT..'

"Liam ...Dumbo..he means well...but he doesn't know you like I do ..or like THEY do he says point to his head,indicating my Mandlers via Merge .."He doesn't understand that if someone gets your mind thinking the WRONG's very ,very hard for you to get tell me what Liam said to you..'

"he mentioned something about what would it be like if they made everyone see like you do ...and hear like you do...and tha the supposed "THEY" already proved they can pull one over on aan entire nation..and than he started talking about.."

'I have an idea of exactly what he started talking about..but that doesn't mean any of wha the said is true..and that as far as he knew nobody was going to use Merge to make people think aliens are coming...and even if they wanted to the tech is still in research and development and even if someone got "panoramic" with wouldn't be for years and years ...and than he said but the main thing you must remember is THIS would be none of your business...

Don't go telling me what is and isn't my business, I say

'Who taught you to talk like that..cause you're talking crazy..?you understand? and what happens when Dumbo starts going off page and talking a kind of crazy...we don't want...he goes to the mental hospital...we put something into his make him go toastal or his mandlers amp up their imbue to mimic the effects of such actions...

"Ya  know're right. You have total control over di might as well just kill myself..."

"This again..?" XXXX says smashing his fist on the glass coffee table..

I see his hand is bleeding..and forget what I was thinking..
"you ok ..?I say going over to him..

He whispers<"get me some of our medicine"

He sees I get happy that he has our medine...

"But first go get me your everyone can it for a while..

Brain-like associative learning using a nanoscale non-volatile phase change synaptic device array
"I THOUGHT they told you not to look this stuff up ?" Liam said  ..looking at the laptop
"I am trying to understand it  works is all..but any information they just put online isn't what I'm looking for
"you want personal access to like Advanced Technology procedures and biotech they keep for instance in a safe somewhere with like  2 or three people in the entire country ..having access on tv shows "Liam jokes
"sort of.."I say.."i mean that's the shit IN me..I deserve to know..everything..don't I?
Changing the subject Liam says ,"XXXX said  'we can't have you eating too much food..or something.".
'do you realize how fuckin' bizarre that sound...that ..your job is to make sure I don't eat too much ..before  I am sent away...
be someone's bitch for 3 days Liam ?"I say ,though I don't like getting angry at Liam
'you have to thin..
and look like ten years younger than you are..
and also use crack or coke ..and mainly meth with them for 3 days...and take them to a club...
I am not in the mood...they used to 'work with me" ..and  reset some of my brain signals to "part " advance but than I started using..
as if this signal was a cue..
and than they said ..tha's it..
now the Fun guy signal doesn't even start till I am off the plane ..and whoever is "my Man'" for the weekend appears..
most of them know about me..what I am and work for the Mind augment industry
some of the Guys I have to fuck around with are like 30 years older than me..which is ok in a way..I mean I am used to it..was brought up on it..I think getting angry..

and suddenly hate Liam for caring if I Look Ok ..enough to be someone's "thing"

I never talk about these guys except to XXXX..even the Mandlers don't mind if I vent
in fact when I get like super super angry about "these dates"
the Mandlers use a buffer ..or just put me on

or pause or something. It's the only "deal " we have ..cuz' if some of these dudes ever really knew sometime s-temporarily
how I get
thinking of "it" or "anticipating "it' they might really really hurt me like those coupla' a ' times

but when I am there..
in the hotel room
I'm ok
and it's just the way it is..and always was..
I am there and not there..and THEY more than anyone know why,,

after all THESE are the guys who essentially MADE ME LIKE THIS
when they did things to me when I was little..before the "apps"

most  of them

 have read me in advance ,,and want me to be humiliated by this fact alone..
but I could never fiddle about with a kid ..nor
want the kid they fiddled with
when he was old..
in the same room with them
'to "do it again:
some can't resisit bringing up particiularly embarrassing  moments from my read ..neural...mainly from whne I was a kid.
one time a "john ' even brought  photo of me when i was 3 rd grad.
"remember whe you got on the wrong bus ..and the busdriver drove you all the way to the ...bus lot
you feel asleep and that bus driver ..was me ..maybe your 3rd step mom slipped some thing in your sandwhich...that was one of her jobs afer all.
remember  what that bus driver did yo you  and how he said he'd always know you ?
 Liam saw me spacing out
and I could see he was worried
cuase he 's been instructed  I am never supposed to get lost in thought or memories if a Team "'can't tell I am seeing or hearing things..

It's fuuny...Liam said trying to be nice.
.maybe ..or maybe not having some idea what I was thinking about ...I don't know

You're literally the first person I ever met who literally came with a  "How to Pamphlet"

Knowin gI should try to stop thinking about
how it was and ABOUT NvEGAS  I force myself to listen to Liam..who I can see ..needs me to try ..

 yeah XXXX gave all the roomates when we moved in..a sort of "breafing" on why only XXXX was allowed to really communicate with you..because..prior to the "apps" and all that you were raised since birth to respond to binary symbols an d   cues..we didn't get those manuels only xxx and I guess your mum ..have those..
really it is what it is..we've been told if things weren't going well.for instsnce if your muscles and stuff tightened up or if they somehow made you sllep for several days or swelled up your face 3 times it's usuall size it was because YOU were thinking Bad things at your team ...or just ..purporting and thus interfacing some bad attitude about the studies to your team..xxxx said earl yon ..and your 3nd rd stepmother years ago before XXXX hooke dup with you..that YOU were always a defiant child who over extraaggerated...whatever imagined abuse you received from the various research teams that worked on your case....
'tell me Liam I say you have various teams working on your case and nervous sysyemm..wer eyou brought up on imprints and "teams of any kind ...practice A.I., and Virtual reality and BCi upon you day and night ..
" dno I don't understand someof the things you writ eor talk about...but I also do not feel bad for you..i often see you like the tele-presense as much as hating you understand how many people would love to have someone take such an interest in this degree..
'I didn't ask for's so intrusive you don't imgine..
"but ,"XXXX says bringing in a sack of something..trying to intimaidate Liam..which he does,,
making Liam leave the room
'what' s in the sack?" I say...while xxxx watches Liam leave...I am not sure how much XXXX heard Liam saying...Liam is not really supposed to be talking about "it ..or me talking to "liam about it..Only XXXX and whatever doctor or social worker my team sets me up with
"in the sack is your food for the next 3 days...pellets " XXXX says
I say
"yes,,little food a guinie pig or monkey eats...why because ewhen Dumbo starts thinking of himself as a guinea pig ..he will hbe treated like one..isn't that how it goes..and also cause somebody can't afford to eat too much.."XXXX pats his stomach
..." I don't like you talking to Liam about whatever problems you're having ..with Home base,XXXX says point to his ears and eyes.."or just in know that..and He knows that...Liam likes to think he understands but he doesn't .. doesn't know your cordinents...he might tinadvertantly mess up ..your cue s...

XXXXX sees the open lap top and says ,"and what
you thinking
did they say
XXXX shouts about this Hardy Boys fact finding shit?
 I don't say anything an djust close the computer ..and go upstairs

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