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big crash .big deal.(xxxx destroys the tv in the common area)

Technically, coercion requires that threat/harm must come from coercer. It is not coercion either to refuse to help someone or to put conditions on the help, provided that the person refusing or making conditions did not cause the victim's predicament. For example:
1. Poor student applies for educational loan from bank. Bank's conditions, or refusal to provide loan, is not coercion, because the bank caused neither student's poverty nor student's need for money.
2. Man drives woman out into desert and then gives woman a "choice": consent to sex or be abandoned in middle of desert. Man coerced woman, because man caused woman's plight. Coercion invalidates any "consent" that might be given

.The ‘forgotten’ lobotomies on World War II vets

BY News Desk  December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM EDT


Around 2,000 mentally ill veterans were lobotomized in the years during and after World War II, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday.
The Journal came upon a collection of memos, letters and government reports that described the Veterans Association’s use of the brain-altering operations in 1,930 documented cases, with reason to believe more procedures had occurred during gaps in the records. According to the report, the operations were performed on former servicemen that had been diagnosed as “depressives, psychotics and schizophrenics, and occasionally on people identified as homosexuals.”
A lobotomy procedure involved severing connections between the pre-frontal area and the rest of the brain, which were, at the time, thought to promote “excessive and compulsive” emotions.
Lobotomies were reportedly used in VA hospitals as final answer if other treatments used in attempts to treat mentally ill veterans — such as alternating high-pressure blasts of hot and cold water, insulin-induced comas and electroshock therapy — were deemed ineffective. The operations, the Journal says, sometimes helped with the symptoms that would today commonly fall under post-traumatic stress disorder.
However, the procedures were often reported to leave the patients in a state described as “overgrown children,” unable to care for themselves. Seizures, amnesia, motor function loss and even death were other common outcomes.
The Wall Street Journal’s report, “The Lobotomy Files: Forgotten Soldiers,” digs into the VA’s use of lobotomy in the 40s and 50s and tells the story of World War II bomber Roman Tritz, who spent eight years in a VA hospital after the war and was lobotomized just before his 30th birthday

The new format of lobotomizing "dissidents" or "undesirables" American Citizens since the mid 1970's

Nov 19, 2011 · Synthetic Telepathy or Artificial Telepathy - also called Neural Decoding Artificial telepathy offers an ideal means for complete invasion of privacy. Mind rape ...

Synthetic Telepathy | Brain-Computer Telepathy” is the art of electronically transfering thought directly to and from a ...

**** Funds ' Synthetic Telepathy' Research | WIRED
The *** has given a team of University of California researchers a $4 million grant to study the foundations of "synthetic telepathy." In the recent past of Mind research upon civilians more than 80 or more colleges knowing participated in cruel and un usual human experiments to another's mind and body 80 or more respected hospitals were key "players' in MK ULTRA.Oliveview Hospital UCLA is also know to have participated in Monarch Programing in the mid 1970's 

Models of Synthetic Telepathy -

Part I - Models of Synthetic Telepathy | Part II - Acoustic Signal Modulation | Part III - Working Models Part IV - Bayesian Stopping Criterion

Systems Science & Engineering

  • Systems modelling
  • Systems analysis
  • Formal methods
  • Simulation
  • Validation and verification
  • Engineering lifecycle (definition, development, and deployment)
  • Systems engineering processes
  • Hierarchy of systems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Fault tolerance
Human-Machine Systems
  • Assistive Technology
  • Augmented Cognition
  • Brain-based Information Communications
  • Immesive  Perception Engineering
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Visualization
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems
  • Interactive Design Science and Engineering
  • Kansei (sense/emotion) Engineering
  • Multi-User Interaction
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Supervisory Control
  • Team Performance and Training Systems
  • User Interface Design

  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Biometrics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computational Life Science
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Optimization
  • Pattern Recognition

2- At first the fear is that you will die ..than it is that you will live..
..there is no explaining it..a judge ,jury and executioner ..reading your every thought
..heckling back this thought at you.

 Challenging you to dare  speak about it..write about it ..but you do.
..what type of person wouldn't  ..they take everything away from you.

 What they "put in your eyes ,,ears..dreams thoughts is only to provoke dis assimilation...breakdown or rage..they will never be caught ..if ,years from now some information comes out THERE will BE REASON UPON REASON that this type of Human Experimentation HAD to take place for the greater good...what is jarring is that this is occurring right here .right some of the most respectable colleges ,hospitals institutions. And they KNOW how many of us have killed ourselves and others ..the collateral damage is not just the Targeted Individuals forced to be "appended" but also those who "get in the way" of certain "renditions " concerning thresholds -and crossing the lines one would not (could not) if they not entirely now under another's persuasion.- Cole  Cohen 5/25/14


it was one of the rare times .XXXX and I were downstairs.watching tv..the downstairs which was supposed to originally be ..sort OF
a place for our roommates to "like" be "allowed" to hang in..
somehow became their
AREA extension of their rooms..
and the upstairs became mine  and XXXXs area..

I "hang" with the roommates ONLY when I am drunk.
I am not the "hanging type"
for this reason I believe I was "app-ed"
I was raised to be this way
very very very carefully
some kids are raised to be have high self worth
I was raised only to be used for projects
my dad..was a queer.
and was in the service...and cause of this they made him get married.
and have a kid
for service
it took years for him to tell me
it took him literally on his death bed say
...let me tell you why ...we raised you all cwwwwazy
cause it was my duty.
and they were doing it in Russia.

well pop..what was it.

the 3 don't really go together ..pop..
than he died

my several stepmoms etc...would not go "into it"
and how I wanted them to go into nothing else.

so ...I didn't mind that the roomates stayed downstairs..
sometimes I'd go down there like when I felt I needed to get out of my head and could use   some cacophony 
could lose myself in  so much yapping about NOTHING to  calms me down
also cause being down there
it reminds me
unlike TV which reminds me different ..that hey I don't like this being all crowded in .. making conversation for no reason..
and being all up against one another on the couch
and can see up center and real  how very very disturbing this type of behavior IS
for me
and how although I might get a little envious of how folks ACT on tv and out on the street  being all
tight and together..
very much ...this is NOOOOOOOOO
type of "Beingness" I like...

I do not mind the type of
GROUP -ness I get at the annex..
because we serve a purpose...
we're not just FOOLS sitting around talking about a whole lot of  nothing

so it was odd we were down stairs in the first place 

usually when we met it was in either in XXXXX's  room or mine.and .it was rare that all the roomates were out
I knew XXXX was on something

xxxx broke the tv.By throwing a lamp at it

..some news program was on ..and that  Edwin Snowdin was talking about something ...and I watched XXXX go all wacky eye-ed watching this Edward  guy talk---and than BANGO BOOOOM no more Snowdan

later he explained to the roommates he expected the TV to break with Edward Snowden's face ,like.
permanently on the maybe he and I could sell the tv with snowdin's face on it like
some art piece

than He just got mad all over again
saying  Snowden  never said nothing we didn't already know.
look what they did to Dumbo

.and with that XXXX went upstairs
 leaving me to deal with the angry roommates

who ,if you ask me over reacted

they know and  I know

 XXXX gets "like this " when he 's on Meth..sometimes
but still
there was a mean part of me
wanted the roommates to ask XXXX to leave the house
.even though it is me and xxxx that own the house.
they have asked me to leave many times
usually at XXXX's request

when I
 so much
 as don't clean
 the dryer filter
all hell goes loose
 and there's always some kind of   "group meeting 
insinuating  that I am trying to make the house a flop house..

there's some talk that XXXX should go to rehab..
and more talk about if asbestos or something
is in the broken bits of Tv glass or tv plastic   thats sorta hanging off  and on to the tv
they're too afraid to touch the bits of broken tv
and they all say ..they think VMOs or VUO  or something are gonna come out of the tv
these poisons
in fact  
 there's a weird chemically smell from the smashed tv
..that in fact seems like it would make a cool smelling cologne-
this is about to come out of my mouth
but somehow I stop the words  from leaving my mouth
for I can sense if I say this it would be in appropriate. Like the dr I used to see told me ..
years ago.
when he was teaching me .
.or trying to teach me how to "act"
 in social situations ..that often it was best if one didn't say anything..
rather than whatever is on the top of their head.
especially if the person who often  finds himself often "on the spot "
 for saying things "it might be better not to" with his  Autistic like "ways"
I can't explain to you
 how damn somber everyone seemed though.
cause of a damn tv?..

one of the roomates says we must all have a meeting
about the "way" things are "happening in the housea' like SHE owns the damn thing..the house I mean
This is something XXXX would say ...or would say LATER when we were out of "earshot"

anyway,we have this "idiotic meeting" /house meeting" that they genuinely expect me to sit through
even though I SAY I should GO UP and check on XXXX
see/ how little they care about things that really matter?

well the meeting begins ..the Alpha "Girl"roomie (notice I don't use her name..because I am not "allowed" to
moreso because I DON'T WANT TO..!)
asking me
what I did to set XXXX off.

"excuse me?" I ask"what did I do?"

I swear to G-d they all look at me..
like I am supposed to respond..
I tell them."..all I did was answer XXXX when he asked me a question about Edward Snowden is all.."

"XXXX asked you..about YOU'RE feelings and idea about Edward Snowden?"The girl I dislike lately more than this girl's girlfriend , the "girl" saying it in a way that implies -why would anyone ask YOU anything let alone care what you say back..

Liam ,being reasonable or trying to be ..puts his hand up ,like some actor..saying whoa now whoah now and turns to me and asks what XXXX said.

XXXX said ,I say"I wonder if anyone would have cared if Snowden told the people that all the TVs across America had hidden cameras in them watching us watch.."

"and you said what back ,Dumbo?"the  Alpha "girl" Roomie says.

I said what I thought I tell the group that-"no I doubt anyone would care.and even if they did what could they do about it."

"so ,in a way ,"Alpha Girl Roomie says ,"YOU admit you provoked XXXX to break the TV by egging him on with his tweaked out ideas.."she says.

"Yeah...that's what happened. And before THAT..! ," I shout getting up,"before that happened! I had XXXX under my spell and was having XXXX bob back and forth the living room balking like a chicken.."

"what she is trying to say is ,"Liam says, "because you in a way instigated XXXX's delusions agreeing with his conclusions IN a WAY you should help pay for the TV..or at least put in more to get it replaced than any of us"

"I don't even watch TV down here..either does XXXX usually..."I say.Feeling like- Reminding them me and XXXX had bought that TV for the roommates.

before the roommates were even selected.
and nowhere in any of your leases  does it say you were promise a TV ..just USE of the Common Rooms
and kitchen

but I don't say it ..cause I know I will begin stuttering ..
and in a way I think I might just start saying things that are in my mind that should stay there
I was glad, in a way that XXXX broke the TV..maybe now they, the other roommates might not be always DOWN there smoking weed and drinking. And laughing at the dumb little glass  rectangle now busted into bits..

'XXXX was doing so well...staying clean ..but your behavior set him off..talking and writing about the stuff you do
it wouldn't surprise me if it was you who gave him the drugs..."someone says

"you people are insane.." I say and go upstairs to XXXX's room.

"are you Ok?" I ask him.I can tell he's  jonesing or just took too much..or something.I am used to "him being the boss" not him being all sedate and confused.. ..

"I just wanted to break it.The Tv ..I just needed to see I could make it stop making noise and showing needed to show it  that it could be stopped .."

I am afraid to agree with ..
even philosophically or philosophically delusional-ly
 I understand what he's saying
but can't help wondering why he did not just turn it off..

as if reading my mind he says,"Even when it's off it could still be on and you wouldn't know it would you? ever?

I see him looking at the tv across from his bed and see if he has anything hard or puncture-ish in his hand

'You are all I need who is hard and puncture-ish  in my hand Dumbo" XXXX says jumping on me in a nice gentle way
 ..ususally I 'd be angry
            that he's wearing the little ear piece Merge gave him.
without telling me
..I take the ear piece out.of his ear and .XXXX doesn't resist.

"you told me from now on you would always let me know .
when they were doing that with the Merge "

'I just wanted to know what was going on down there with the Tv  .."XXXXX says ,"without me having to be down there  and Merge agreed to let me listen
it was like you were down on a mission ..
and I was ...on the space craft ..listening in to my boy

thAN HE SAYS " really wish they would throw me out ,"XXXX says, licking my ear..

I get up ...but don't leave the room ..

I feel like asking him if he has more crank around .
EVEN THOUGH  don't do it any more.,
..while  I am sort of glad he can't read my thoughts's sorta' stupid me ..scoping around   having sneaky feelingS only my Mandlers hear.
I know he can see me looking around
and more so pretending I am not.

"it's in the desk drawer"XXXX says

I look in the drawer and see the half a packet.
I touch IT.WANT IT SORTA'  but close the desk drawer.

"someone is making spite of themselves aren't they dumbo?"XXXX says
"Maaaay-be even a little too much..."XXXX adds..

I turn around and ask him what does that mean
and i see he is no more on meth than I am

even when he did that to the tv.
it was some game
to teach me some lesson

'it means ...don't tell me you don't understand's the only way someone like you understands ---that entire scene..with the tv..with them explaining you might be egging people on..didn't resonate?"...In terms of some of that shit you're posting ..which doesn't exactly FIT the DUMBO profile..

"Dumbo is SUPPOSED to be the Nice Guy..the likable GUY in the story...not a DICK.."XXXX says grabbing me from behind choking me than..letting go..'and Dumbo is writing about THE WRONG THINGS.."

"How can anybody STAY a nice guy when they live with you ..Scumbag?"I say,feeling my neck,wondering why he didn't choke me harder..

"dumbo better be HAPPY that Dumbo lives at all," XXXX says back,"I didn't mean to do make me do it..we've been through this..," XXXX says looking at my throat for marks.
"If you really need a new handler...ground bound wise...think it to THEM..he says pointing at the little ear piece Merge gave him ---Because maybe it hasn't occurred to you that YOU'RE taking a toll on me as well..."

"you get paid for the TOLL I am taking on you buddy....what am I getting out of this?I say

"EXACTLY what you're putting into it...." XXXX says,putting my hands around his throat...,"Do it.." he says,meaning choke him we're
but -this whole mind fuck has been orchestrated ONLY to make me un- even.
odd man out
all the time
. I start to choke him
so would you..between that nonsense downstairs...and being choked for nooooo reason

"Yo Dumbo," Evan graphs, appearing as Jiminy Cricket "He wants you to..why you think he checked you for marks...word on high says THEY want in jail again.."

I stop..

"you have to learn how to NOT let anyone SEE you are SEEING man"XXXX says looking in the direction I "saw" Evan

"why you want me in jail again?" I ask XXXX,kinda showing off I NEED NO EAR PIECE

..and Oh I don't know so you STOP writing it the way you are...have you any fuckin' idea what you are insinuating when you stand up for James Holmes ..or what trouble you can get me you and everybody in this house in writing about "a ring"..who do you think you are .who told you YOU were allowed to write this stuff? THEM..your Mandlers? Oh I doubt it ..OH I know it...
what was it ..
that little voice inside your fuckin' head you
prove someone needs to monitor
BECAUSE you have NO self control!..LISTEN Dumbo
..they presented  material to you JUST  to see what you'd do with it? 
they KNEW you'd feel something for James Holmes and question if maybe ..there wasn't more to that situation..
question is ...would it matter if there was..? certainly not to the victims.
EVEN if.
and you're writing about ....

"I feel .I just knid of KNOWJames Holmes was set up,' I say ,"some of the things they did to him they did to m-"

"no Dumbo ," XXXX yells grabbing me from behind putting his hand over my mouth,and than he turns me around and makes me,forces me to look him eye to eye."Never ,ever say certain things..
he takes his hand off my mouth
and I say,"AND that stuff  those movie guys did to that guy ..I told you what happened when I was younger in LA.."

'AND YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ...If you didn't MAYBE you'd still BE in LA..maybe I wouldn't have to fuckin' babysit you till they day they finally decide to come and .."

XXXX takes the meth out of his desk draw and shoves the rest of it on his forefinger.."take it all in " he says holding my one nostril closed. And just settle your crazy, crazy mind down..

I sit on the mind is calm
I force myself to think away from the things I have posted..
and think of
them wanting me to go back to county
for sight lines.
and kind of look forward to it..
as a nice get away
and a reason to punch someone in a bar or something..
"'porn,'XXXX said , "so the can gather sight lines mainly can't they ever do this with a fuckin' theater or something.?" I ask licking the inside of the met  baggie ripping it open for more with my tongue

""No they need real fear...and real...acquiescence...submission from you..Dummy or it won't read ,won't translate.."

'i'm kinda getting a bit tired of being this submissive type they think I am.."I tell XXXX

"Yeah ,yeah right ."XXXX says stamping out

"we can do some remixing Dumbo..make you more aggressive.. pump up some of your alpha male shit but IT comes with a terms of what goes with it.."Evan graphs.

"what's the price?" I graph back..

Evan graphs,"It's bang bang or gang bang kiddo..nothing in between..unless .. can really
and give us some
"Can I get a miracle " shit ...
from sources
beyond one's Merge..
"Dude I Just want out of this.." I graph..

and Evan reminds me ..once again that "death" isn't exactly...
the out I might HOPE it is...
once one has been "collected"
-to this degree'

I want XXXX to come back
I shouldn't have taken the meth
is that why he gave to me?

cuz he knew the Mandlers wanted me focused on what they could do.
and how far they will go when I least expect it
to force me to REACH  physically

Evan graphs through me .."HURT you so much ...that we "get that spark" that begins with

help me help me...
take me..."Evan Visages ,as The FACETAKER..dressed in scrubs..

"it all goes together Dumbo...don't you see?"

I have seen enough .I have heard enough...and I wonder how this point and can reach beyond this
to something higher
than this false god
to a real G-d?(can I really believe in one? - that has watched and seen what has happened to me and others who have gone through this and worse?'''can anyone?)
those who were on the sidelines
clinically involved but -removed--
informed but -just enough..not to ask questions nor ask questions of themselves
(this is wrong,this is cruel ,this is "sick")
you know who you are ..are cruel ,wrong and sick in ways I can never be..
should I have faith in a G-d that"acts"
ONLY so he might
one day ----put you through what you have put me through...
is that a good enough reason to believe..
types who join agencies and institutions
that allow one to "get their Mengle' on)
perhaps these institutions were only created so those like you could
be watched as well....
more than any reader could
and those of you
more than any not so innocent bystander who had watched -not innocent at all
when this
was at it's worst..
not just to me ..but to the thousands of others.behaving in ways any lunatic..\
you saw the look and fear in our  eyes. and smiled

not one has ever written ...of what they saw ..or what they know by your kind

as profiled as the targets were could not have been half of what it took to profile a man or woman who would actually go through with this..
they knew where to look
for maniacs..Cole Cohen 4/17/13

 'Hollywood" ,I think,I graph to Evan

"now that's the spirit..." Evan graphs morphing into a little Teddy bear.


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