Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Populace Care Construct

The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force   was put into action on or around September  2001 to arrest those suspected of counter concern activities.
The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force introduced the formal notion of one being enemy of the mediations and media as one who wishes to undermine the status quo by questioning  the legitimacy of the media's Populace Care Construct to set standards of  perceptions meant to provide the populace with both  diagram and dialogue meant to instill calm upon the country and it's people for reasons of  national preservation

  • contradictory quandary in print ,online ,in all manner of visual or aural  activity meant to disqualify set norms  could and should be considered :
"A contradictory causative  action  aimed at  undermining or weakening of the power of the media and it's  government  .Agitators and Contrarian undermine  industry, transport,  credit and monetary systems, as well as demoralize cooperative societies by intriguing others to question or oppose the media's normal functioning to foster collective calm. Contradictory Contrarians aim is to weaken perceptions of the people. And to weaken the population's  belief in their government and media.:

Detainment and of those who participate in  Contrarian Causal Activities can be extended indefinitely without trial or consultation. The Contrarian Causative Pro-Active Task Force  has wide berth in it's clause  to either arrest or imprison anyone deemed suspicious, or steadfast in their decision to affect or infect contradictory confluence upon others.  

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