Friday, May 22, 2015

"i can no longer associate myself ..."(roasted mules part3)

So what if the Rapture would not be real? Would it not be rapturous ...just the same ? Evan graphed..

"Jews do not believe in the Rapture," I graph back

"Trust  me buddy if the entire world suddenly woke up seeing ,hearing  ,feeling the spirit in the sky..Even the Jews..would take heed....: Evan graphs
"Suspension of disbelief ..isn't even necessary for this new form of television that will delivery visions and euphoria right to one's temporal lobe  LOSER....think about it Dummy.. we even got you. I mean JEW to play the part of Kevin McCarthy in advance  making you believe YOU are the Protagonist in this "story" when trust me Punk,you are anything but...ya' see  needed  to"glean" how a detractor like Jew' might try to RUIN it for everyone else..but trust me people ain;t gonna have their eyes glued to any internet looking for answers ...written by detractors to social progression ..when the internet is IN THIER EYES ,EARS and HEARTS..but we can't have any glitches we need to know ..what a Ruiner might pontificate about concerning the "Glory ,Glory..!"..In the original version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Das Ruiner played by  Kevin McCarthy who  refuses to "get with the program" stands a chance. at being re-educated.
.at the end of the film he is placed in a mental hospital which  hopefully might teach cure him to accept the "New Reality.The New World Sorters"
However my intracortical  component my intercortical cad  ..In the remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers..we just run the Ruiner over with car..let that sink in a little Dumbo..before you decide to bury yourself deeper into this rabbit hole.

.I know what you are thinking Dumbo ..that the lunatic in all films about the-" uber- natural " who says "this isn't just dream this is really always right the end..
...we of course see a person like this ,a person like Jew' who likes to piss on the parade as the REAL  cinematic or hmmm cybernetic the piece

..and find it quite amusing Jew' think you are the Hero...

(2) "When you were a child," Evan Rainy graphs," you were given endless dreams about being burned alive....strange than that on visiting day weekend  Dumbo a child less than 6 years old  was taken   to see 'The Wicker Man"...who ,Tommy Walker Balker would DO such a think to Baby of Mine..?

remember how frightened you were..We do.
poor little Dumbo ...didn't know what to do with himself the theater...
watching the poor Dupe burn like a marshmallow...

Oh how I ,the Baby Sitter's Boyfriend  watched you watch the Hero
.The Cop.
.burn and burn?.
..oh Of course before Hero Cop Ruinerman "got was coming to him "he got to make his grandiose speech about a True the townspeople that set him afire.

..but unless I am forgetting something
                   no might giant hand of G-d came down from the sky and saved "the Cop " did tit?

..still I guess It gave Coppy some shield ,..some mystic comfort
at least Mind's Eye wise..when the heat was on.

to believe in an Un-Artificial Intel and service provider

..You my little Pinocchio, on the other hand will not even  have that.
we will see to it that that section of Thy muddled mind  is subdued

so that we might BEST amplify .your recorded  brain activity via Merge to focus primarily on sampling  the signals of your pain receptors going OFF OFF OFF ON ON ON in tandem of couse with weighting your perception to full Immersive ...full intensity

   Oh how wonderful it will be that moment when Dumbo thinks......OH it's at least .at least  it's  OVER! ..but wait!.. although I do see Dumbo's body in cinders will you FIRST thinking ...oooooh yes

Tis' true   Tis true! when one dies one leaves their sees their body from above

but hmmm
why do I hear what appear to be men and woman chattering  instead of angles.."Dag,  I do believe Dumbo's  collected still here somewhere on disk...Oh there it is  what do you think?..shall we place his consciousness ito a pig..or monkey. first .?so Dumbo will know his team...has saved HIM!..forever and ever and ever...and also his recorded neural  of the fire

what fire Dumbo..
The fire you will not see coming..
for if you did you would not be writing this down!

 ,the heat,the flames,th can now through Science be sampled over and over again over whatever new format we decide to put  fuckin' Ruiner Dumbo's collected consciousness *  in today...

*Plurality of processing nodes that receive and decode audio-visual signals from neural network tissue in order to produce corresponding or discordant output signals consisting of synthesized audio-visual reciprocity in which at  least one output signal is used to induce at least one electric signal in nervous tissue to augment ,over-ride or overlay temporal patterns of said participant.

 Patent Applications and Grants for -Signal cortical processing that remotely decodes audio and visual signals from neural networks to induce a synthesized neural algorithm upon test subject...
 •5,706,402 January 1998 Bell
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 •6,643,627 B2 November 2003 Liaw et al.
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