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Mule Skinner Blues

An Operating Telepresence (OT) usually uses a temporary tattoo or another "wearable" equivalent of a Mentee's sub dermal neural prosthetics to interact with the  subject's neural prosthetic so the OT can best understand the subject's temporal ,cognitive and emotional state .The OT must constantly census the subject's inner thoughts so the OT can  provide the subject with whatever visual ,auditory ,haptic or emotional stimulus via  Neural Interface requires  .It is important that the OT's  subject " feels" the OT's moods and motivations for whatever "work" the OT believes   needs to be done upon the Mentee's neural pathways to progress the Mentee to a state of "Egoless-ness" .Only "egoless-ness" let's the Mentee 's neural palate accept the "new normal" of  "open mind" plasticity .For the cybernetic based transition toward a 'hive mind " like sensibility the OT must insist the Mentee understand  the chain of command necessary to adjust a subject's thought style away from Reactive output  towards only initiated response through the interface ONLY which relies only upon the OT's objectives and never the Proxy's selfish false  entitlements  .Although some 'Proxy" have been raised to "be " subordinate " to systematic "familiar "controls- by means of neuro linguistic programming and visual grapheme/ symbol based CUES in childhood , nevertheless the  Proxy has spent many years observing and thus assuming that "men and women" as a rule do not "give up their own self will nor egos" for a common "mindfulness".A Co -Conscious Mindfulness  that cannot be attained unless a Proxy is fully reattentuated  away from  self referential thought .For this reason , the OT must always be in control of the Mentee's reflexive notions toward  regressive  self will and self reflection .The OT during any and all interface must convey that he, the Operating Tele-Presence  knows better than the Mentee WHAT a wholesome and Productive "hive " mind/TEAM MIND means.The OT must never waver in their role that demands the subject never turn to self  "ego"or self "identity "preening that offers nothing to his or her "team".The OT must deploy any technological or psychological  means at his disposal regarding inducing upon a subject that their "old ways" of seeing ,hearing ,thinking  ONLY slow down or STOP their "adaptive " augmentation. Sometimes what some might call "tough love" tactics are called for especially  if the participant is brazenly resistant to guided egolessness. Often, the subject will take these PUSH /PULL dynamics as abusive and personal but this is rarely the case. 


You ,dear reader by now have some idea of what I
and A.
must work with on a daily seems to me that
 the acquisition of Autistics
when"the program" began
to "be"  fodder for Human Testing
primarily- because their affect of "really not quite -Being There"
to begin with
had a "built in" alibi...concerning
what the initial investors worried "might read' was not a very good idea.

although I agree that "using this type" as -fallback plan case anyone ..found out about the Human Testing
that "yes,we admit it...we must do
could be rationalized that-we  are working with these poor autistic "child man" bono
 certainly not to hurt them(you know how "this type" exaggerates ,,because they are genetically predisposed to "get lost in stories of their own making)
but to WAKE THEM up and FORCE them via Brain Interface to
"look out side themselves"

also..word on high indicated via a rash of in house memos
when our work first began

 Autistics ,in particular have  a "look" to them
that might help cover any peculiar "squeaking" a "man-ed" man
might inadvertently (or in some case) intentionally display
-as if -
their" Lost Boy " far away eyes  and /or ears might insinuate on the public at large that
the poor Husk has been infested with research teams via the "apps" we sent like salmon upstream their blood stream
to "get a glean" how
the mind processes sensory input..
my initial assumption was that "this kind" would be "easy " to work with...
as so little seems to be occurring
in "this type " so over the rainbow ,under the Autistic Spectrum and Off the Grid in most cases  socially
however ..if you dear reader were in my shoes...or to be more precise 'the bio sensor speckled headset"I must use
in order to be in Dumbo's head..
You would realize that a man or woman so trapped in their own mind
when offered a unique chance to be "brought  out of themselves" by Tele -Presence
will not only "spin plates and tops in his head" to veer their mind away from
electronic intervention ..but will throw these plates figurative-ly  and via Mind's Eye connective-ity
at the very Mandler's who have taken the time ,money and effort to help the dolt
to begin with !
instead of Tommy Walker I rather feel we are working with Tex Watson
except for the fact Tex Watson actually "followed" whatever
suggestions his Mentors made to him

and ..I am not the only one ..
who feels betrayed  by either Denny Pace nor Dumbo Darko
in this regard.
and also betrayed by the selection committee that unwisely decided that
Autistic's would make good mules for the "apps"
someone in "casting" seemed to forget that these fucking Autistic types have
a rather bizarre sense of ...Justice..
concerning "what these limited "thinkers' assume is UNFAIR ,UNAMERICAN ,UNETHICAL concerning. Human Testing.
so pernicious are these walking space cadets
notions of justice that they seem immune to most Imbues.
.meant to scare some fuckin' respect into them..
and some notion of just where a Human Lab Rat 's position is on the totem pole of this operation..

Presuming dear reader you are not in the Mind Augment /Neural Engineering Field I very much doubt
you have the imagination
to even begin to understand
just how difficult it is -
to not only Remotely Monitor a Human Subject's inner monologue
but also be responsible for
responding to the subject's Neural Data with
interface to the subject's visual and aural cortex
-so a "Team: might HELP the damn  idiot
learn to function in the real world in Real Time as a benefit to society rather than the Burden to society
'this type "currently is.


Denny Pace and Dumbo Dexter Darko
might have the same traits ..and subsequent diagnosis
but the two
cannot be less alike.
Tony S..who Dumbo wrote briefly about
in a previous entry (I have little control over what the miscreant does online..I can only addendum the interface with  direct energy "strikes"
to for instance
 make his arm tense up and freeze to curb his enthusiasm about writing about
this discrete project
  ,I 've been told by corporate every that the direct energy is already beginning to fry little bits of poor Dumbo's brain and unless I want to take upon myself to "score " a new subject ..I must keep my "coaching"as verbose and picturesque as I can  )
                     Tony S. who Dumbo misinterpreted -as a demonstrative "reel" of some kind
                  aimed at his visual cortex
                              was very much not simply "a reel"
                                          but quite real
Tony S. another  human subject who "made himself " / his Neural Read " so very aggressively unwelcoming

 has /I mean rather "had" the same traits as both Dumbo and Denny ..but
unfortunately Tony S. is no longer "with us'
for Tony S.
like many other subject's in this study "turned too much against us"

While Denny Pace "was born" with his "inward perspective" that is  the hallmark of Autism
Dumbo childhood was "tweaked" to force him to "go inward,upward and upside down"
Trust me ,only in this regard  can Dumbo be called "a butterfly",let alone a Monarch
to me he is simply a moth ..
a human insect.
Vermin ,I do believe Dumbo might be classified in more Progressive Times and Regimes


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