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the cortical concept/.Pierce/ Holmes

HNC, known as a "neural network" company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing "cortronic neural networks," which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.
 The cortronic concept was developed by HNC Software's chief scientist and co-founder, Robert Hecht-Nielsen. HNC merged with the Minneapolis-based Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), a computer analysis and decision-making company 

FICO (NYSEFICO) is a Software company Its FICO score, a measure of consumer credit risk,has become a fixture of consumer lending in the United States.
In 2013, lenders purchased more than 10 billion FICO scores and about 30 million American consumers accessed their scores themselves.
FICO was founded in 1956 as Fair, Isaac and Company by engineer William Fair and mathematician Earl Isaac The two had met while working at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park ,CA[ Selling its first credit scoring system two years after the company's creation, FICO pitched its system to fifty American lenders.
FICO went public in 1986
Originally called Fair, Isaac and Company, this name was changed to Fair Isaac Corporation in 2003.The company rebranded again in 2009, and is now called FICO.


Originally based in San Rafael, California, FICO moved its headquarters to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004.In 2013, it moved back to California and is currently sited in San Jose, California.


  • DynaMark 1992
  • Risk Management Technologies 1997
  • Prevision 1997
  • Nykamp Consulting Group 2001
  • HNC Software 2002
  • NAREX 2003
  • Diversified Healthcare Services 2003
  • Seurat (2003)
  • London Bridge Software 2004
  • Braun Consulting 2004
  • RulesPower 2005
  • Dash Optimization 2008
  • Entiera 2012
  • Adeptra 2012
  • CR Software 2012
  • Infoglide 2013
  • InfoCentricity 2014
  • Karmasphere 2014
I can only hope THIS little unwanted interface is ... about Gaming Theory.
..than any ..New  Levels my "team" wants me to  reach..
.because ..I'm not quite sure ..being skinned alive men in Black really any kind of "rendition' one just -gets on with so easily
...unless of course maybe one covers their skinned body with like tons and tons of Vaseline
...than maybe yards and yards of cloth or something.
.like a mummy has to wear

..on the positive side...I am pretty much assured I'd have little problems going to doctors to get pain medicine  without the doctors  believing "I am pill seeking"
and being faceless...would certainly curb my having to be concerned much about ..shortening my grooming a reasonable duration.

as Mandlers hate nothing more than a Proxy ."ruining" it for one's steerers .
.who like
who NEED to feel they are  themselves in you
without you  REMINDING them ..they kinda' shouldn't be IN you to begin with...

the great Gazoo appears in the far corner of the room and I am thankful for the distance Tru has initiated between us with this Tele-Presense..and the
'role play" type voice
Tru uses when "interfacing -
                                          in this Tv -esque manner

Tru Christie as Great Gazoo  graphs,"no Dumbo...if men in Black Slacks skinned you alive would be in some remote area...perhaps a van revamped to hold a gurney
where ..and you would be kept alive for a rather short ,short period of time ONLY so teams could gather Neural Reads of your mind Heightened with Pain..
so we might be able to parlay that pain on another human dirtbag such as fact would you like a taste of what a Proxy in Miami felt after a 'team"--- went why so serious ?on his big mouth..?his big mouth that simply did not know where "story telling ended" and "breach " began?'

"No ,not particuliarly.." I graph,seeing scissors appear in every imaginable negative space where such pictograms might
overtop my normal sight..
I expect to next see little eyes..
and Tru
as himself ,angry ..graphs.."what kind of hack do you think you're working with here asshole?"

In a manner that doesn't use words I "glean ' I insulted his "artistic " manner of driving me slowly and perhaps irreversibly insane

making sure I stay attenuated he graphs me a visual of a man around my age with his mouth cut wide ..Joker style .Next a very quick short "clip" of this man sitting at a desk in motel hearing a knock upon the door .

"stop" I graph

but nonetheless somehow Tru send my visual cortex the quick vision of two men holding the Proxy down and ...

" during our next session I will make sure to have such a sensory over  ride all CUED up and ready to Impart upon you.."Tru Graphs

I try to glean if Tru is serious ...beyond the auditory "chit chat" but know Tru  usually buffers his own interface ..ONLY to keep me guessing..

"Dumbo..How else you gonna write "The Facetaker "if you can't BECOME the facetaker in your mind' eye..How can Guy Pierce cry on CUE if Guy Pierce had nothing to cry about?"

"who's Guy Pierce?" I graph back

and this for some reason makes Tru Christie very ,very angry,"GUY PIERCE Dumbo ISTHE LITTLE BOY who live s in your mouth Dummy...

the tone of Tru changes...
and this calms me down

MORE.MORE I ask..thinking this might be a case of "my team" trying out all these awesome..signals based on all sorts of Buddists,Barbiturates or just manufactured brain signals some Big Pharama company Proxy works with "send chemical based signals upon one's own"

'Do you really think you deserve any Euphoria from us tonight Dumbo?' Tru graphs

"yes..a bit..just a quick hit," I graph

"Just for Jew' being Jew' huh?" Tru graphs ,sending a quick hit of Ketamine me..

I try not to think back "thanks" because this infuriates Tru ...that one held captive by "maniacs" would think such a way..
and that half of this is to "man me up"
even if it kills Jew'

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