Friday, May 22, 2015

eye candy as crowd control

Eye Posters Help Cut Crime

Earlier studies into the eye posters also showed that people gave three times as much money to unsupervised donation boxed when eye posters were present. So what is the psychology behind the poster? It's simple- the eyes, even though they are just a photograph, make you feel like you are being watched. As such you are more likely to be on your best behaviour whether that means not stealing a bike or giving more to charity.

The posters are so effective that some police branches in the UK are planning to officially adopt them as a means of crime prevention. And if they work then great news- they are a simple and cost effective way of reducing crime.

AVA - the airport avatar.
Advanced Virtual AssistantAirport Hologram
(2)The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey has installed three airport airport virtual assistants / holograms at Newark Liberty, LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports. The Port Authority virtual assistants have been programmed to answer basic questions most frequently asked by passengers. Additional virtual assistants have been installed at Long Beach Airport and other installations are in process at numerous locations.

FAQ's for AVA
Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni unveils the prototype virtual assistant at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Download AVA brochure
Next Gen Public Guidance, Wayfinding, and Advertising. presents AVA, the Airport Virtual Assistant / Hologram Virtual Assistant. AVA is the latest solution in next generation airport security, wayfinding, and promotion. The future is here! Meet Ava - your hologram airport virtual assistant. She works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and doesnt charge for overtime. She never gets sick and doesnt require a background check. Airus Media, Inc. DBA is the exclusive USA distributor for AVAS. See the AVA hologram in action below at Newark Liberty International Airport. Email or Call 1.866.715.6006 to order or for a free demonstration of this incredible new hologram virtual assistant.

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