Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wayne Industries Cares

Mental patients are unique models for whole-brain functional imaging and the study of sensory pattern integration in the human brain. To take full advantage of those who offer little to the world except as vessel we have further marginalized their existence to simulate sensory environments that can mimic the complex spatiotemporal stimulus patterns experienced by the "real people" in natural conditions. By introducing the mental patient to numerous association based effects as "living theater" we can catalogue numerous "What Would You Do?" like artifacts that relate to a wide variety of human factors. Merge Bio Nano is excited to join Wayne A.I. in longitudinal studies that focus not just on the mental patient but the patient's relationship with family members, clinicians and whomever else these unfortunates might come into contact with to maintain their activities of daily living. Merge Nano Bio intra cellular carbons, fluorescent dyes  and optosins all work together to read, transmit and intercept signals. A host of nanoscopic imaging and recordings bio -compatible devices also are used to induce behavior changes in the patient so teams of researchers can dissect  and reverse engineer the neural-circuit principles behind many neuro-degenrative and  psychological disease 

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