Sunday, August 20, 2017

BATMAN - JIM GORDON ( something amiss in The Narrows)


JIM GORDON is still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the new surveillance station that monitors Gotham's posts.

RIVIC ROARKE is joking around with two OFFICERS dressed in RIVIC SECURITY UNIFORMS

RIVIC - You look good at a desk Jimbo. It suits you. Doesn't Jimbo look good doing women's work. Counting beans.

JIM looks at the two officers

JIM - What did I say about you wearing those uniforms on duty

RIVIC - He even sounds like a woman

JIM - (to Rivic) You 're not a policeman nor do you work for the Gotham Police Force.You were invited here to train some of the men in Brain Mapping you did that're done here.

RIVIC - I've only just begun here James.( to officers ) well boys Mister Gordon doesn't want me around see you after hours ( making an effeminate gesture) and please do something about those ..

JIM -- Go Rivic..and you two..I'm letting it go this time but if you ever wear your private security uniforms on duty again.

With indignation the two OFFICERS leave presumably to change . RIVIC hovers

RIVIC - You don't know how to treat men don't know how to flow

JIM - Goodbye Rivic.

JIM GORDON studies the posts of DENNY PACE on The 8Th Floor Social Media ,curious pulling up another feed that is almost exactly the same -Jim calls  to a FEMALE OFFICER to study the screens

JIM - What are these people talking about exactly? Hearing things and seeing things? Do you think there could be something to this ?

FEMALE OFFICER - LSD , PCP in the water supply type of 'could be something to this" or some wanna be writer trying to sell his wares?

jIM - If someone was trying to sell something why would they be writing it in real time on a platform that all but negates linear context fictional or otherwise?

FEMALE - Because he's crazy? And hears voices Jim?

JIM- That's what I thought at first but I went to school for computer forensics and understand to some extent the way one with a thought disorder writes

FEMALE - well Scooby Dooby Doo Jim ...and here I was thinking you were just this handsome little piece of eye candy ..tell me more.

JIM seems uncomfortable or confused. The COP gentle grazes his arm

FEMALE -(seriously) Hey , i meant no disrespect. I'm sorry. It's contagious - the way you're letting Rivic Security basically become the Gotham Police force.

jIM ( angry ) It's the mayor doing this. I'm sorry it's not you. It's Rivic. it's the Brain Map studies..and all it's about money to these people nothing else.

FEMALE - Let's hope it's nothing else let's get back to this Denny Pace feed.What's he look like ?

JIM - Why?

FEMALE - I'm not sure.

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