Sunday, August 20, 2017


are you family? I am a police office. //surely Darius Crane has done nothing wrong concerning...
"Oh no, it's nothinglikethat .....
"well , i'll have to speak to his Doctor Darius is quite an excitable boy

inhibitory control cognitive flexibility set shifting, mental flexibility, or mental set shifting

A liaison type asks JIM GORDON and JILL COP to have a seat in the corridor of the hospital.

"Excitable Boy?"Jill says ," How old is Darius

" I suppose once one is pigeon holed psychiatric patient they remain somewhat childlike - infantilized by the system"

"I read something very interesting about the amazing Dr Crane and certain child cohort studies he was involved in during the mid 1960's involving conditioning of the parasympathetic nervous system with acoustics and oscillations ...he believed he could 'get around" the brain , the mind that was damaged by training the limbic system to react to stimuli that coincided with behaviors one wanted extinct..."

"Kinda' shock them out of it "

'He used their facial nerves and cranial nerves to correct his patient's interior view of themselves making them look ugly when they thought ugly things and look good- like themselves at least when they thought or behaved in a way that wasn't - ugly"

'I wonder if he did that to Darius?"

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