Sunday, August 20, 2017

Semiotically you symbolize nothing that would make your murder relevant to Targeted Individuals

They wanted you to write about being tortured or "mentored" it was always 16 reason at once as if your brain and nervous system was some cow being, tongue ,shank..Data ..some of it - how you turn a doorknob..the many signals from task to completion, autonomous respiration per minute obviously you didn't write about but simply transmitted because they put blue dye or what they called Merge in your blood stream 'at Arkham" but you did write about Gotham..after all your very brain was remotely tuned toward hypergraphic like self importance..I mean WERE BRUCE WAYNE and The JOKER when they the Direct Energy Weapons stimulated your cortex.They didn't allow you to write it OFFLINE because the little boxes - the social media feeds served as psychophysical bookmarks to constantly gauge your reactions to auditory, visual ,cognitive and emotional stimuli to the second. Denny Pace posted 20 sec ago..Denny Pace posted 1 hr ago 2hr,5,hr..on and on for years getting more and more seizures..poor as dirt..friendless now...who the hell wants to know someone posts 50 posts in  a half hour..What is wrong with a person like that..and THAT TOO was part of the testing..that required I be pariah, crazy...anti- social..

"You're very full of yourself if you don't mind my saying Denny Pace to believe what you have to say or post is of such unique importance to researchers or some Them only YOU know about"

"What I say? Doctor I am just a temporary secretary to their project"

"A man who claims others control their very thinking is a man who is a danger to himself and others. What if these Mandlers you speak and write off told you to kill me "

"Oh ,they have Dr. Pinkus on more then one occasion but I think to them "This man is so mechanized and guided by diagnostic derision systems he is as without a self even more then me. You represent nothing in terms of a power structure that would indeed blow up Gotham City's own electronic grid to see how the city would react to no heating ,plumbing, lights after 6 days ..My God Dr. Pinkus you don't even belief in human testing to fuel a trillion dollar business ..why kill such a man ..semiotically you symbolize nothing that would make your murder relevant to Targeted Individuals" 

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