Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Doctor Eileen Rosen to Help Wayne Industries Help Troubled Persons

Dr. Eileen Rosen , head of The Linden Linaus Research Center joins the 8th Floor's ICARE Program that examines keystroke pressure, narrative cadence and syntax affect to identify and thus treat high risk Troubled Persons (TP)
A TP with these delusions who thinks , speaks and believes in nothing else who feels "crimes against them" are being ignored often reaches a point where they will "engage an audience" in a manner that cannot so easily be ignored.
What makes someone a Troubled Person or Troubled Individual?
Certainly many people we know ask ourself if "something amiss" might be going on behind the curtains that make up politics, entertainment and social control but most of us do not believe something is being "done" to us by a "Them" do we.
What makes a certain type of person becomes a Troubled Individual?
Well, we must consider how very small the lives are of most people who become TPs.
Unlike you or I ,they do not, for the most part have satisfying jobs or relationships. They are often outside the mainstream in not just their views but mannerisms, appearance and social strategies.
But these traits alone do not make one claim they have been targeted.
The Troubled Individual does not  think like you or I because they have what we in the psychiatric field call Thought Disorders.
What is a Thought Disorder?

A person be they a TP or not with a thought disorder presents with illogical, non linear cognitions and has delusions.

One who believes microwave or "neuroweapons" are being against them or that they are being used as guinea pigs for things like A.I. research and such is suffering from delusions but must we suffer along with them when their belief systems are so out of synch with reality that they become violent ? Of course not.

Luckily there are new means of identifying those with thought disorders that involve what is called biotech or biosensors.

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