Friday, August 18, 2017

"Be Fearless Denny Pace . Be Bold . Be the Hero we Know You Are !"

Denny shaved off his eyebrows and with a swiss army knife cut a small 'X" on his left cheek.
According to Mister Bloom the cut and shaved hair acted as Clapboards for the testing.
By the time the cut healed and his eyebrows grew back this phase of training would end.
The eyebrows especially , according to Bloom ensured he would be taken for crazy just in case "anyone " got wise to the needed tasking to make him a true soldier.
According to Bloom , his mentor and remote neural monitor too much stimuli made "de-noising" difficult for his "commanders"and his "jaunts" in and around "Gotham' had to be short and relevant so the brigade of what Bloom referred to as Mandlers could study the  "super soldiers" real time reactions to all things a "super brain" dosed with biotech processed. 

'We must understand what types of cues the enemy might use to confound the resistance," Mister Bloom graphed upon Denny Pace's temporal lobe making him see first a gorgeous naked woman who morphed into his mother when Denny became aroused  

'Please stop, please stop ," Denny graphed to Mister Bloom.

Bloom ,wanted to make him fearless and invincible sent Hzs upon his brain stem to make him cry like an infant ,raising Denny's testosterone level's with Direct Energy.

"Cut all your hair off, cut off your eyelashes , stick a toothpick in your under your nail...The enemy will do these things . Be Fearless Denny Pace . Be Bold . Be the Hero we Know You Are !" 

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