Saturday, August 19, 2017

Gotham's Own

i was stuck in something i could not get out of
besides the testing
- a lack of life experience caused by the "needed" binding

of "it" for long now - i -tudinal studies of - human organism

things one could "make up" for..

i saw  ( I see) no future..
and this in itself is scary ( More 'Blossom Row ' art fairs? a few cups of cash ? another 200 square foot apartment -(huh?) that i know what THE ART is for ..
why help solidify this brand that I know how -image - is parlayed into the social 'represent' of it all..
how scary Hollywood
how very scary ..........but oh how necessary ( what  IS Beauty after all without a manufactured ( and never was anyone more manufactured than 'I Denny Pace ') ugliness on the other end of the scale..

while some might truly understand how celebrity ( the rich and starlet) are molded
few could conceive in their wildest dreams that a LESSOR might be shaped, trained, in fact purposely developmentally hindered to be


that is Gotham's own


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