Sunday, August 20, 2017

The First Mister Bloom ( Duke )

 The sensory data was all based on self reference at first but gradually they created new selves in me with the neuromodulation - characters really only used during the narrative portions of the testing.First they did it with my task to do a version of "The Blob" then "Memfis , Ohio" was kinda' like when you watch TV and like become the person in the story except with this immersive TV not only is there like a musical cue to indicate 'here comes Jake " but a signal that somehow makes you think like a Jake or a Joe or a Laura...and after months and months it becomes easier..except for the seizure-ie stuff..from so much beaming also your day to day life become harder to manage because you're doing this stuff for free..and you're drowning in lacking..You can barely watch TV or see people who have real lives..not virtual lives because they remind you what you have given up and not on your own recognizance ..but ,you see Dr. Pinkus THAT it turns out was part of it ...for the final story BATMAN...they needed a manufactured monster..a Golem Mister Bloom...a ringer...

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