Friday, August 18, 2017

The Big Lewinsky ( How Precious the Swastika, better then a Confederate Flag , like 100 Transgendered Bathrooms rolled into One )

William John Baker threw the newspaper across the kitchen table 
Janice had read the latest on their daughter online early this morning.
“Where is she ?” asked his wife 
“Where do you think ?” Janice said slamming the metal bowl full of half kneaded cookie dough on the counter top.
"Which mirror ?"John asked 
"The bathroom mirror ,"Janice answered,again slapping the metal bowl on the counter.
Kimmie heard the sound ,it was meant for her.
It was how her mother ‘spoke’ to her,her sister and father .Loud sounds,bangs ,slams.
The sound made her flinch away from the image of herself that had so entrained her.
Scared her.
She looked nothing like herself .Not since it began.
Kimmie Baker looked awful and worse felt the pressure and tightness of her facial muscles pull and push ,pucker and swell
All through her nasal cavity, all through her jaws, cheeks ,eyes.
Although terrified she could not look away 
Instead she filmed the horror of it all on her phone. 
“Proof” is what she thought she was collecting 
4 days ago when she posted the first round of still pictures of herself online claiming that she was a victim of what she than called the Illumi-
“Kimmie GET DOWN HERE” she heard her father scream 
It was the first time her Father had spoken to her since her tweet about him being –a faggot,who nonetheless had molested her as a child.
On Instagram she posted a JPEG of her face swollen and mis-shapen 
“LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE !” Kimmie Baker wrote atop the pic 
Proof ,she had thought she was posting at the time. But all the photo did was circulate around the net 
-that had nothing to do with the hard science of Direct Energy Weapons and edema -
instead -
“She’s a n*gger joke now ,” John Baker told his wife ,”Did you hear the one about Kimmie Baker and the ..”
“No wonder she’s writing all that vulgarity online.Her Father still uses the ‘N-Word” Janice Baker said ,clicking the wooden spoon against the bowl
“You want me to use the term “N-Word” when Parasol Pictures have literally made our daughter into a ball and chained slave body and soul ? What the term n*gger refers to –
a person legally or illegally owned by another and having no freedom of action -white ,black or blue 
so spare me the political correctness OK ?
when Parasol has wrapped our child’s mind and nervous system in invisible chains,” John yelled.
“Those chains are not so invisible,” Janice Baker said ,”Have you seen our daughter’s face or are you too busy gazing up at the face of the lawnmower man while you’re down on your knees –“
“I saw the pictures,” John said ,”Saw the pictures YOU LET HER POST both online and on TV. Why does she still have access to a computer OR A PHONE in the state she’s in. When this is over she’ll have no career.”
“Let me explain it to you John ,” Janice said sweetly ,sitting across from him at the table ,turning the newspaper over ,”Our daughter believes the photos serve as evidence she is being Electronically Harassed by Parasol Pictures,the company YOU as well as she work for .”
“She used that word?” John said, fidgeting, ‘Electronic Harassment ?”
Mrs. Baker smiled ,”She’s been Tweeting for 6 days straight John.She’s not only accused you of raping her but putting chips in her head.”
“That’s fine .That’s what she’s supposed to be doing” John said 
“Supposed to be doing? Janice yelled 
Ignoring his wife John yelled upstairs, Kimmie GET DOWN HERE!”
“What else did she say about Electronic Harassment ?”John asked his wife
“Microwaves ,she talks about and something called Voice to Skull Weapons” 
“She can’t talk about Psychophysics Weapons .Chips .Yes .Are you crazy ? Are you crazy letting her write about EMP Weapons …Did she at least blame Aliens. Please ,please tell me she blamed Aliens..Why are you letting her DO THIS to us “
“You’re concerned about the faggot stuff John” Janice said getting up from the table 
‘Since when Janice ? “ John said ,”Who in this town doesn’t know or cares. I’m concerned Kimmie is placing this whole family in danger talking about –“
Janice took the already kneaded dough out of the bowl and began kneading it again 
“Have you read the things she’s been saying about her director and co stars ?”
“Nobody cares about that Janice,” John yelled ,” It’s a side effect of the Entrainment the non stop ranting…parts of the brain responsible for speech and therefore writing get stimulated.Hypergraphia ..”
‘So IT IS Neuroweapons “ Janice said 
“NO Janice .It’s NOT Neuroweapons .And we do not use that term in this house or outside of it .That is not how this technology is defined ,do you understand?”
“Defined? Tell me John how is this technology that can make a person’s face swell two times it’s size ,hear voices and see things defined ?” Janice said 
“Legally .This technology does not exist .Legally these deterrents are optioned out to different companies to ensure they do not ‘exist’ ..Parasol Pictures is one of the companies this tech has been optioned to as is Neuronautics.”
“That stuff she wrote about Nathan Grist on the set of ‘The Big Littles go to Dubai. Grist is a Neuronaut “ Janice said.
“Word also got round she refused to sleep with director Bryan Mayzer” John said 
“Stupid girl ,” Mrs. Baker said ,”Mayzer was the one who made her transition from child star to comic book actress seamless.”
“Does it matter now ?” John shouted ,”Does it matter if it was Grist or Mayzer that made it alright to Tase her Remotely?”
“Yes it matters John. And for your information Kimmie didn’t say anything to Grist when she caught him on set with his own Lawnmower Man ,she gave him a look is all”
‘A LOOK?,” John said ,”Kimmie gave Grist a LOOK? The little bitch practically asked to be Targeted”
“That’s another term she’s begun using lately. Targeted . She calls herself a Targeted Individual”
John screamed at the ceiling ,’Kimmie ,get your ungrateful ass down here”
“It’s a word John ,Targeted Individual,’ Janice said ,’a word nobody believes in .Like you said .She’s a joke. A bad n*gger joke.Nobody believes her.”
“EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO THE TARGETING Janice, THEY BELIEVE HER.THEY know why her face is swollen two times it’s size and why the induced seizures make her write all the trash she is “
“GOOD .Than maybe that will make them STOP “ Janice said ,’That she’s exposing them ‘
“EXPOSING THEM? She’s not exposing anything but what a damn fool she is to mess around with these people. It will make it NEVER END if they think she’s making a Federal case out of it.
You’re the Lawyer .What type of CASE is it than ? if not Federal?”
“There are higher laws than Federations and States and Counties in this world Janice and their punishments are not debated .Nor are they explained by some 25 year old starlet in Tweets they aimed to teach a lesson to !”
“You’re alright with that – Secret Punishment- being doled out” Janice said.
“Covert Corrections is what they call it IF they call IT anything at all” John said
“Mind Control,” Janice said.
“YES. And if she writes about “it” as Mind Control she just might get out of this alive but NOT as Electronic Harassment “
“What’s the difference,” Janice said ,”It’s the same thing “
John slammed down his fist on the table, “Do we live in the same town Janice? Hollywood has spent the last 60 years making sure the term ‘Mind Control’ sounds like fiction.Targeted Individuals –well-not so much”
Janice,trying to lighten the mood ,’Didn’t the Memfis Ohio Times do a nice piece on Targeted Individuals last summer making those who claimed they were sound daft and delusional. Didn’t that Parasol TV mini –series “Ten Miles from Dallas” make the character who called himself a Targeted Individual look like a hysteric mental case?”
Thinking ,John says ,”So you’re saying maybe they want Kimmie to add to the confabulation?
“I’m saying nothing of the sort” Janice said.
“It makes sense actually ,” John said,calming down,”So maybe we’re safe after all”
“But is Kimmie safe?”Janice asked
“Maybe it’s Jessie’s turn ,maybe little sis can learn from Big Sis’s mistakes “John said 
“She did get a call back for ‘The Big Littles go to Greenland “

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