Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'Chickie' Levin Summer SALT

BRUCE WAYNE sees the JOKER on a bench.
JOKER is plaintive and calm 
BRUCE as if looking for a taste of such Emanation
sits beside him 
For some time the two 
stare out at the china blue waters
and warm vanilla sky 
they chatter on as old men do 
Old are these two men suddenly 
to our eyes upon seeing 
two "boys" around 16 or 17 
spit their way closer to THE MEN
TANNIS ROOT and TANNER 88' we see stumbling out of 
a Restroom 
both stoned out of their minds 
loud, aggressive and stylized
TANNIS ROOT is carrying a bat 
and TANNIS 88' is carrying a can of hairspray that he lights on fire every few step before coming about the tossed asides leads
TANNIS (to 88,pointing at BRUCE)
"looks like the Uncle who gave me a Fiddle About when I was 3"

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