Friday, August 18, 2017

"we hate guys like you Jim Gordon always have always will," Bloom said ," keep your mouth shut or I will show you how we deal with Ruiners in a Hand''s Off manner

We see the town from a the POINT OF VIEW of perhaps a DRONE or a SATELITE
of some LIMITED SERIES - ESQUE version of cautionary tale that all but celebrates it's own knowingness
We see the ubiquitous MEN IN BLACK SLACKS staring at the never ending rash of words that these days account for "I'm Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore!"
Speaking of such
We see the face of a man in bed ,his body in an awkward ,somewhat painful position HE is wearing some kind of mask that is meant to imply -faceless-ness-
the image is frightening and made more so by the camera that frames him from the POINT OF VIEW of an over head light fixture and next pulls back to
original DRONE'S 'EYE " VIEW
Are we seeing the FACELESS 'Everyman"
through the ceiling ? As if to either marginalize this capacity or more so relegate the possibility of such device or intent to the realm of D.C. Comix Book Movie
perhaps the entire SHOT is a figment of the FACELESS "EVERYMAN'S" delusional version of 'the world' and
The FACELESS EVERYMAN is seemingly staring at the LIGHT FIXTURE on the ceiling
We hear a DISEMBODIED VOICE as seemingly does the EVERYMAN
DISEMBODIED VOICE (as if a God ,as if to EVERYMAN and he alone )
3,6,9 the goosedrank wine...
From the POINT OF VIEW of a BLACK SLACKS like "Change Agent" we go CLOSE on his MOUTH speaking into a Blue Tooth like microphone staring at a screen that shows EVERYMAN in a pixelated "take " on Infra-Red saying -
the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line the line broke
We go close on the FACELESS MAN 's covered mouth that none the less we still see move and speak aloud
-and the monkey got choked
CLOSE on BLACK SLACK'S mouth into microphone -saying-
and they all went to heaven in a little row boat
We next pull back and see sseveral more screens the BLACK SLACKS is looking at
containing 'Brain Map " like -"vitals"
We CUT to
We see a HANDSOME COLLEGE 'BOY" from the back. Just like a set designer's version of 19 year old freshman is the room as is the shirtless YOUNG MAN cast as PROTAGONIST .
Perhaps the YOUNG MAN might fly high above the earth's apogee in a hot air balloon with a rocket launcher to take out the DRONES, SATELLITES and TOWERS? Regardless ,we know immediately the TYPE who types on the computer
////did you see Kimmie Baker at the Young People's Dirty Gurl Awards .Is she Ok ? I hope so ????
Next HANDSOME presses a button to read others posts on the the "BOY'S " computer we see
Elizabeth Marconi asked you to play Candy Kiss Kartel
Tim Lance likes Boycott Adam Parker Movies
we CUT
HUNDREDS of CHANGE AGENTS watch the screen on which is projected(?) thousands of POSTS
we PULL BACK to see the movie version of HQ and CHANGE AGENTS manning hundreds of computers studying keystrokes
and the linguistics of ....
Cole L. Cohen
23 hrs ago
This past weekend I for the first time in 2 years went into the room I used to use as a studio
and began making what I guess one might call an effigy of reporter Max Fate
Daniel Pettison
I look out at the stars and think yes yes this why I spent 7 years getting my degree in neurobiology
My ex said that moving to Heights was a way of shoving it in her face that i was better off without her
and the 2 mil I put down to live on the 9th floor could have been better spent on helping her out with her sister
Any who
Brenda and I are thinking of doing Germany this summer .Doing Aushwitz and that whole camp thang
and than maybe Spain to run with the bulls.
Hank Paulson likes Candy Kiss Kartel
Patty Curino asked you to like Adam Parker 's "King Creole" movie premier
Denny Pace
Maybe you have not heard about Proxy Arma's wacky new crowd control device. And maybe this is because these classified as Non Lethals work silently.But just because the Phace 2 Mini Pulse Hounder makes no noise and has no visible projectile (bullets) I bet you saw the result of it's use at The Young People's Dirty Gurl Music Awards last Sunday Or maybe you thought actress Kimmie Baker was wearing a paper bag over her head to make a 'meat dress" statement ?
At first the X-ray like microwave like weapons were only used on foreign soil against insurgent roustabouts. Phace 2'was developed as what one calls an Active Denial Weapon to cause extreme swelling of the face,neck ,throat and eyes mainly to persuade potential followers of charismatic recruiters to turn away from leaders who lacked -telegenic- qualities.
It worked. There is ,after all in inherent sense in people to not follow those one is physically repulsed by.
Eventually Phace 2 came to be regarded by those in private security and private detective firms state side as a valuable persuasion tool to use mainly on women before and during custody and divorce cases.
Indis O' Say
RIVIC sits in the chair besides 16 y.o BLOOM a shoelace around BLOOM's neck that RIVIC pulls upon than releases.
Some people like that .Sexual Perversion is Something your People Created
(RIVIC sticks his hand under the sheet ) and pulls on the shoelace ,choking BLOOM ) See,you like i(begins jerking him )
Yeah like it alot
(smacks BLOOM in the face )
Wake Up Bloom...I'm here to Save You not Hurt You..Ok?
RIVIC sits in the chair
Puts his head in his hands.
Reaches into a pocket and takes out a photograph
we go CLOSE on a 'picture day" polaroid
an innocent ,awkward pre-teen girl
(RIVIC shoves it in BLOOM's eye)
That WAS my daughter
She no longer exists she's in what you Jews call the afterlife.At least not the one The Chosen Ones dreamt up
I don't believe in no Jew -like afterlife.I
Or maybe no afterlife at all
think it's something Jews made up
to keep everyone bowing down to them
Bowing down to their filthy movies
My daughter bowed down to Jew movies..
she was a very 'Pretty Women --
as she grew up
a movie ...influenced her ..more than her own mom and pop
about -What One Should Be ' in Life..
YOUR KIND made my daughter run off to Hollywood.
and become
a Pretty Woman ...
(raises his fist high to punch BLOOM ..but stop mid way through and falls into his chair crying )
Cole Cohen
I feel a choking in my throat..
and an - ideation - it might be a "Good God Damn idea if I always kept some -scar tissue / microwave burn -like JPEGS ready to go
and maybe some blurry pics of Black Vans and license plates -nearby -
in case I - forget my place - concerning Top Down rank
"in this"
and need to -re-affirm - my ...
"My What Mandlers?"I graph , " My nutter status ...?"
"Yes Dumbo,exactly.."
Ti Tim in Memfis
This rubbish we write that NOBODY reads nor understand but the very Socket Scientists that do the targeting
we're nothing more than ads
the 8th Floor Social Media
a curio cabinet
an Advanced Weapons Demonstration
-Somewhere Only THEY Know-
In the Past i wasn't supposed to Squeak about physical distress
as it seem-ed unseemly
or _out of character- for a ' hysterical narcissist ' to present such
information in their 'Enforced Narrative " SOS ta' duh Vorld! seems they insist on some kind of
-photographic display of my Tensor
I graph -can I just copy and paste some black and white Abnormal Psychology College textbook photograph of some waxen -inmate- with a black bar over their eyes
-as IT DUH ' same GIST ..yes..?
Cole L.Cohen
12 min
the effigy has finally dried
it looks just enough like Max Fate "boi reporter"

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