Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Eminations - Psychopathic traits in script driven self reporting

 Psychopathic traits in script driven self reporting 

Homosexual participants with average or above average intelligence were induced with sensory data ( audio and visual) to investigate the relationship between verbal and nonverbal intelligence and the three dimensions of psychopathy (callous-unemotional traits, narcissism, impulsivity); and whether these 
dimensions moderate the association based narratives in 3rd and 1sr person response.

Scanning method for applying ultrasonic acoustic data to the human neural cortex 
US 20040267118 A1

A method for creating sensory experiences operates by scanning the acoustical signal across the human neural cortex to create the desired sensory perceptions. The acoustic signal is scanned in a predetermined pattern. The pattern is then modified to fill in spaces in the predetermined pattern so that over a short time period, the desired signal is scanned across the intended region of the neural cortex. In one exemplary embodiment, the pattern begins with an array of points on the cortex. Thus, an acoustic signal in an array of points is directed towards the cortex. The acoustic pattern is then shaped to expand in radius about each point. Thus, the acoustic signal scans the visual cortex in an array of expanding circles. Varying the signal at each point along the radius as it expands produces neural firing differences in the neural tissue. When the circles expand to where they begin to touch, the pattern changes to fill in the areas between the original array of points. The new circles are centered about the points between the original stimulation locations, and the acoustic signal contracts about these new centers. The signal continues to contract about the new center points. When the new circles have contracted to an array of points, the process can be repeated from the start or simply reversed. Another method operates by forming concentric circles and expanding and contracting each of the concentric circles to fill in the original spaces between the concentric circles.

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