Friday, August 18, 2017


Denny showed up 4 days later at the Reggie Gasker gallery

"Oh my Denny but you do look a fright," Reggie said, next whispering ," I am so proud of you Dennis. Not many would go the extra mile for Gotham. The next thing we need prior to your hospitalization is a profession. Even mental patients have to get through the same 24 hours as the rest of us. It would be one thing if you were really mentally ill.For the life of me Denny - I haven't a clue what those unfortunates do all day. Speak to flies, masterbate  , watch TV? Do you know ?"

"No," Denny said looking at the very weird paintings in the gallery ,each one more gruesome ,unwholesome and cynical than the next, "the only thing I know about mental pateints and what they look like or do with themselves comes from movie,books and TV"

"And what else do the rest of use to understand what mental patient means collectively but the same thing "Reggie said ," thus the head shaving and self cutting. Now if you were a female you could do things with make up . Circles of bright red rouge around your cheeks and so forth but I think we can do one better Denny. Art"

"Art?," Denny said ,watching a well dressed man turn away from his face sans eyebrows , Denny couldn't help but feel proud of himself. It was true not many would go this far for the underground but something that Reggie Gasker said confused him. Something about hospitalization.

"You mentioned something about hospitalization Mr. Gasker. I take it you mean a mental hospital . i do not feel comfortable with that "

"Well then Mr. Pace, you have proved to me and yourself you can care less about justice, freedom and tenacity. I am saddened but not surprised. Good day Mister Pace ," Reggie Gaskill said turning to go into another room full of the must hideous art Denny had ever seen.

"Wait Sir," Denny said , feeling he had already committed to the resistance by disfiguring himself ,perhaps permanently, " How long must I be hospitalized?".

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