Friday, August 18, 2017

Mind to Mind ( Crimes and Mis - Demeanor)

"One of yours is at it again," Valerie said via the headset. Valerie never "spoke " to Evan Rainy except via Merge.
As yet the Gotham Army ,Gotham Security Administration or Gotham Intelligence Agency Agency had never heard of either Voice to Skull or Psychophysics Weapons much less Synthetic Radio Telemetry and therefore Sensory Data as signal aimed right at the brain (bypassing the 2 inches of skull bone) translated by neural tissue as thought was the easiest way to communicate with "assets" for the trillion dollar business which was A.I.
Evan who had been addendum-ed  with biotech to Word on High rolled his eyes at his boss's instruction straight to cortex to reign 'the Proxy" in.

'Damn You Denny Pace," Evan thought and thus "graphed" to Valerie Prentis.

"No Evan , damn you for not instilling in him what will happen to him if he doesn't toe the line"

The word toe made Evan think of his own ,he had picked up some fungus at the gym

"You're disgusting Evan , thank you so much for sharing "

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