Monday, August 21, 2017

A Man , The Binds

Psychophysical and Neuro Weapons must be researched and developed in a manner that presumes in it’s investigation how a potential threat might use such weapons upon an individual or nation . We seek to understand the capacities and liabilities of mind decoding and mind interface technologies as these advancements might be used by hostile agents and governments against free nations. Our goal is to predict and simulate methods a hostile nation might use upon others by conducting neuro- weapons testing on a wide demographic of persons with a variety of “Thought Style. Our goal is to discover how a victim of brain entrainment weapon might survive such an attack. Our goal is to understand how a human organism might adapt and function while under the influence and duress of this invasive technology. It is only by simulating rigorous aggressive tactics a hostile nation might use that we can begin to understand how an individual or population might deal with a genuine attack with these unique weapons. The public has previously demonstrated it’s lack of sophistication in comprehending the need for “in house” exploratory behavioral and chemical research upon it’s own patriots .One need only recall the hysterical fashion in which the public was mediated to react to knowledge that behavioral and pharmacological tests were conducted upon humans to strategize our pre-emptive psychological defensives. The need for testing indeed done on ‘unknowing’ participants was spun by the press in a manner to malign researchers in behavioral psychology projects commonly referred to as “MK Ultra”.Rather conspicuously there was little or no mention in the press concerning the necessity of the double blind approach nor explanation why such testing required the subject to be unware of the intent or means of the operation. Some journalists and politicians sought to use the revelation of ‘MK Ultra ‘ to embarrass and therefore weaken these agencies and thus the nation’s standing in the world arena . It is not only for the sake of discretion and the media’s inevitable desire to 'stir up the pot ‘as to once again mislead the public as to the merit and purpose of unsolicited human testing that we should seek outside agency to conduct behaviorist studies . Neuro weapons which rely in no small part upon script require experts at paradigm . Whereas one person might be swayed to understand the nature of ‘silent sound ‘ or many means of ‘straight to cortex ‘data induction technology as demonic another with belief systems not enmeshed or schooled in Judeo Christian beliefs might understand the ‘imbue’ of Synthetic Telepathy rendition as extraterrestrial or supernatural in nature One man’s boogeyman is another‘s paper tiger. Although neuro-weapons can be used to subdue reason and heighten fear centers in the brain that respond intuitively to more primal belief systems these weapons and the use of narrative to steer another with synthetic telepathy towards madness rely on an "everyman' fear of the unknown .More and more do movies and TV shape our belief systems more than our family upbringing and therefore film ‘sets’ our individual and collective associations and ‘triggers’. For this reason who better than Hollywood and it’s creative teams to devise some of the necessary paradigms for psychotronic weapon that rely so much upon scripts. Some of the more pragmatic test subjects in spite of their initial displacement concerning 'Voice of God ' technology will in time assume the means of 'communion' is physics based .For this reason we have already commisioned a number of 'experts' to relay a plethera of "inside information" both real and confabulated to bolster these belief systems in the subject. As for creating a shadow government 'like cult 'for those not inclined to "Dark Skies"rendition there are
It's not the first crowd control tool to use sound…

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